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Ainsworth Slots

Ainsworth slots aren’t all that different from the ones designed by Aristocrat. This shouldn’t be all that surprising since the company was founded by Len Ainsworth, the man who created Aristocrat slots back in the early fifties and turned that company into one of the biggest land-based slot machine producers in the entire world.

Ainsworth is based in Australia and has always been focusing on live games, but there’s no denying the fact that Ainsworth-made slots are available in numerous high-profile online casinos all over the globe.

Whether online or live, Ainsworth slots are often praised for their excellent production values, but the critics tend to complain that they simply aren’t all that innovative.

Ainsworth Online and Land-based Slots

Ainsworth is a company that develops both land-based and online slots, which are available all around the globe.

Money Gaming is probably the most famous internet casino that offers Ainsworth products and many of the Ainsworth games available there are direct adaptations of live slot machines.

Other casinos that host Ainsworth games include Platinum Play, Jackpot City and 32Red.

Ainsworth Slot Game Reviews

As mentioned above, most Ainsworth slots are very similar to Aristocrat games. These slots are five reel machines with fast-paced gameplay that usually feature a single free spins bonus instead of complicated mini-games or feature rounds.

Interestingly enough, Ainsworth slots usually utilize the same sound effects that are the hallmark of Aristocrat games and give them their trademark authentic, “mechanical,” brick and mortar casino feel.

Ainsworth slots tend to have great high definition-friendly graphics, but you definitely shouldn’t expect any flaring special effects that would be on par with the latest IGT games.

In addition, many Ainsworth slots give you the option to gamble standard line wins on the flip of a playing card, which gives you a chance to maximize your winnings with coin-flip odds.


Reception by Players

Ainsworth slots are very popular among hardcore casino enthusiasts who prefer fast-paced, old-school action over elaborate bonuses with plenty of animations that have no impact on the outcome of each spin.

All in all, Ainsworth games tend to attract the most traffic from Australia-based and Europe-based players who are familiar with live version of Ainsworth’s slot machines.

Most Popular Ainsworth Slot Machines

While there’s no denying the fact that most Ainsworth video slots tend to feel somewhat similar, there are a few games that do stand out from the rest.

For example, the free spins bonus round in Sheer Magic has an interesting twist to it, as getting two wilds on the middle reels results in a re-spin with the wilds remaining in place. What’s more, if you get a third wild during the re-spin, you win an additional re-spin, which is essentially guaranteed to result in a generous payout.

50 Dolphins is the second game that really stands out from the other Ainsworth and Aristocrat productions due to its amazing production values.

The visuals in 50 Dolphins are absolutely stunning due to excellent art direction, but it’s worth remembering that like all the other Ainsworth slots, this particular title isn’t likely to appeal  to gamblers looking for flaring special effects and cool animations.

The wilds in 50 Dolphins are stacked on the reels, which means that hitting a bunch of them tends to result in a series of extremely satisfying line wins.

Last, but definitely not least, Winning Wolf is one of the best looking Ainsworth slots and has an interesting Native American/wildlife theme to it.

Company History

As briefly touched on above, the history of Ainsworth slots is closely tied to Aristocrat slots. The larger of the two companies was founded in 1953. Both companies are listed on the Australian stock exchange with Len Ainsworth holding the majority of shares.

The first slots produced by Ainsworth were obviously designed with land-based casinos in mind – in fact, the company was quite late to introduce its first online titles, even though its land-based slot machines were getting increasingly popular in Europe and the United States.

Nevertheless, the power of the brand secured Ainsworth slots a place on the internet gambling market and there are many casinos that offer at least a few of their titles.

Outlook and Latest Developments

Despite the fact that Len Ainsworth isn’t getting any younger, it seems that both Aristocrat and Ainsworth slots are here to stay – and this holds true for both land-based casinos and online gambling sites.

Most of the video slots produced by Ainsworth these days are available as live slot machines and online games. Since the company does such an excellent job when it comes to recreating the live casino experience over the internet, many iGaming sites are glad to offer a rather broad selection of Ainsworth slots, which ensures that the company isn’t going to run out of customers any time soon.