Arthur’s Quest Slots

Arthur's-QuestArthur’s Quest is a slot game from Amaya that describes with its title quite well what it is about. You’re going to explore with it the legend of Camelot, of Arthur and the knights of the roundtable. They’re well known to most people and the stories told about them are always popular. Though it’s been about 800 years since the times when King Arthur lived, the stories survived to this day and you will find them in movies, TV series, books and now in slot machines as well.

Since it’s not the best looking slot out there, Arthur’s Quest tries to make it up to the player with the range of available features. They include multiple bonus games, wild symbols and scatters. If the individual features don’t satisfy you, the total jackpot offered might, as it stands at $62,500 given the right investment per spin.

Features of Arthur’s Quest

One of the things I’ve appreciated about this game’s pros is the collection of bonus games that are available. You get a total of three rounds that you can play through here, each one a different from the others.

Excalibur, Arthur’s famous sword that was pulled out of a stone by the only one worthy of it, acts as the wild symbol. Despite the fact that it acts as a substitute for other symbols, I feel that it has been severely limited by the developers. You can only use the wild Excalibur to complete combinations of symbols that have weapons in them. The halberd and the lance symbols are the only ones that will benefit from the wild’s presence.

There are three character symbols in Arthur’s Quest, each one giving you its own bonus game. You need three identical symbols to appear and since they are all scatters, their exact position doesn’t matter.

Sword in the Stone Feature

The first bonus game requires that three Arthur scatters to be present on adjacent reels, though up to five can show up. During the bonus game that follows, you will be required to click on the swords placed in stone and take them out. Each sword carries with it a cash prize, a multiple of the total bet. You can get either 1x, 2x or 5x the bet from each pick. The sword marked Finish ends the bonus game.

Depending on the number of triggering scatters, there is also an extra multiplier used on the bonus game’s payout. You get the 1x multiplier for three scatter symbols, 2x for four and 3x for five scatters.


Pick a Spell Feature

Merlin is the character symbol responsible for this particular bonus game, and he is also used as a scatter, but once again they have to show up on adjacent reels. The bonus game gives you four of the spells that Merlin has, of which you choose one and you find out what your bonus is. To this prize, there is a multiplier applied (1x to 3x), decided by the number of triggering Merlin symbols.


Enchanted Dragonfly Feature

Involving the Guinevere character, this feature needs three of these scatter symbols, on reels that are adjacent. A magic frog will eat dragonflies during the resulting bonus game, with the enchanted Dragonfly revealing the amount you’ve won. A multiplier is also applied, between 1x and 3x, for 3 to 5 triggering scatters.


Betting options and jackpots

The game has decent payouts, but it has bets that are quite big as well. You can end up spending $225 for a single spin of the slot’s reels, with $5 coins used. In case you weren’t paying attention, that means 5 coins per line and 9 paylines selected, for a total of 45 coins.

You will get a maximum of 12,500 coins out of this slot machine, or up to $62,500 if you’ve been using the $5 coin denomination in your bets.

Design and symbols

The design is one of the things that will probably annoy you about this game. There is so much potential in a legend like this, with magic, knights and medieval castles all involved, that it’s a shame how bad the game looks. It’s a crude design, probably one that was made a long time ago and in need for a serious upgrade. Most of the screen is occupied by Camelot, with the reels occupying a section of the walls between the two towers.

Symbols: Arthur (scatter), Merlin (scatter), Guinevere (scatter), Excalibur (wild, 12,500x), Lances (5,000x), Halberd (2,500x), Flag (1,250x), Castle (1,000x), Wizard Hat (750x), Horse (500x), Golden Chalice (250x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The only thing holding this game back is the design, and it’s a pretty big problem. The three bonus games provided by it should make the slot quite interesting to play, the prizes being good as well. If you don’t mind playing retro games, you should give it a shot.

Arthur’s Quest can be found at any Amaya casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.