Bars and Bells Slots

Bars-and-Bells-playtableBars and Bells is one of Amaya’s slot machines, with a classic theme used in a modern 5 reel title and with the design being miles ahead of most titles with 3 reels. The part that is classic here is the design inspiration and nothing else, with the features, reels and paylines belonging to a modern slot. However, if you were a fan of the classic genre, you will find its fruits and other classic symbols on the reels of Bars and Bells.

With 20 paylines offered inside, this game also manages to cram inside plenty of goodies, meaning features and payouts of up to $125,000. Among the features offered, you will discover the wild symbols, the free spins and the scatters.

Features of Bars and Bells

As I’ve said, this is no classic if we take the features offered into consideration. Wild symbols, scatters and bonus games all contribute to it, something that most classics will not do.

The Golden Bell, one of the oldest slot symbols still making appearances, will be used for the role of the substituting symbol. It will not replace a game logo scatter, but it works with every other symbol. Even better, getting multiple wilds on the same win line will get you prizes. A minimum of two wilds are required for this to happen, but the best prize is offered for five of them, and it’s worth 5,000x (25,000 coins or $125,000).

Free Games Feature

The scatter symbol is the one needed to get the free spins started. You can find this scatter symbol, represented by the game logo, on the reels 2, 3 and 4. You need all three, to get to the free games.

Streak Breaker

One interesting feature that this game has bases the entire action on how unlucky you are at the slots. This feature requires an extra 25% to be added to the current bet, in order to be activated.

Once you activate this feature, you will notice a small area appearing in the top right corner, with five round spots where coins will be collected. You get one coin for each round where you don’t win anything. You need five spins with no prizes in a row, to get the payout offered by Streak Breaker. If that happens, you get a prize that is randomly chosen. This feature is not offered during free spins.


Shake ‘n’ Pays

This is a random feature that is not triggered by the game’s symbols. When it gets triggered, it’s all on its own, and it offers you between 100 and 25,000 credits as a prize.

Betting options and jackpots

Don’t let the pretty classic theme fool you, this slot will ask for a lot of money in exchange for a chance at its best payouts. You will have to place bets of up to $500 in this game, using 5 coins for each line and with a value of up to $5 in each case. Add to that the 25% of the Streak Breaker feature, and you can end up with a $625 investment for a single spin.

In return for that kind of money, the slot offers prizes of up to 25,000 coins, or $125,000. Is that enough when you consider the kind of wager you have to place? I’ll let you decide.

Design and symbols

If there is one thing that this game does quite well, it’s the design. It’s especially nice because it relies on a classic theme that we’re used to seeing in considerably worse shape. Here, we get the modern look with the same types of symbols, with shiny and 3D images used for each one.

Symbols: Golden Bell (wild, 5,000x), Logo (scatter), Red 7 (750x), Triple Bar (500x), Double Bar (350x), Single Bar (250x), Watermelon (200x), Plum (150x), Lemon (125x), Cherries (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game asks a lot from you, but it tries to offer more in return as well. From its top payouts, to the extra features offered and the design, Bars and Bells has plenty of things going for it.

This Bars and Bells slot is offered by all online casinos with Amaya software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.