Bullseye Bucks Slots

Bullseye-BucksBullseye Bucks has inside action that takes place at a theme park, the kind of place where you would go and shoot with BB guns at targets and which would get you stuffed animals as prizes if you hit them. That’s exactly what this game relies on, with the theme taking you to one of those shooting galleries. They’ve made every symbol into a target, and as the spin starts they turn around and reveal to you what symbol is hidden behind it. You can even get “Miss” symbols, but I’ll let you learn more about the game below.

The game, while interesting, is not a modern design and it has only 9 lines placed on the 5 reels. It does have interesting prizes though, offering $62,500 as the top jackpot, the equivalent of 12,500 coins. You get three types of special features, one of them being the scatter, another a wild symbol and then a couple of bonus games as well.

Features of Bullseye Bucks

Even though there isn’t a lot of variety in the type of feature you can get, with only wilds and scatters available, you do get multiple types of bonus games with their own symbols triggering them.

The wild symbol is more limited in this game than I like to see, being capable of replacing only two out of the seven regular symbols that the slot has. The wild looks like an ice cream cone and it will substitute only for symbols that have foods on them (hot dog and the apple on a stick). It’s a good thing that you get that much, it’s just that I had higher hopes from it.

Pete’$ Payday Bonus

The “$$$ Bonus!” symbol acts as a scatter that triggers for you the “Pete’s Payday Bonus” feature. This type of scatter symbol can appear anywhere on a reel, but you still need the reels to be adjacent in order to get access to the bonus game. Depending on how many scatters you have on the screen, you also get a multiplier applied to the prizes offered (1x for 3 scatters, 2x for 4 scatters, 3x for 5 scatters).

As the game starts, you notice that Pete’s bonus starts counting the pay for the week. It’s a random amount that you’re offered, so the longer he counts, the better the prize. The maximum amount offered is 2,700 credits.


Prize Pick!

Another scatter symbol, the Lion marked Bonus will have to show up on adjacent reels at least three times to get you this feature. Just like before, the number of triggering scatters determines the multiplier applied, the number being the same 1x to 3x.

You start the game by picking prizes, the maximum being four per round. In case you don’t get the “Out of Stock” pick, you get to advance to level 2, where there are even better payouts. You can get a multiplier of 20x, if your first pick gets you the Jumbo size prize. The prizes offer you up to 2700 credits.


Duck Shoot

The rubber duck is the third and last type of scatter symbol available here. Once again, you need 3 to 5 bonus symbols, with multipliers depending on their number (1x to 3x).

The Duck Shoot feature consists in a screen where ducks are moving from one side to the other, while you click on them. The ducks that get shot by you will reveal multipliers (1x, 2x or 5x). Get a Miss, and the feature ends. Find the Sharpshooter with your first shot, and you get a 20x multiplier for the round. The maximum payout is at 2,700 credits, same as the others.


Betting options and jackpots

Despite having only 9 paylines for the players, the game will utilize up to 45 coins (5 per line) and the maximum bet can get to $225. Coin denominations start at $0.01, but the $5 maximum will get you far better prizes.

With $225 allowed per spin, the game manages to pull off some decent prizes, awarding up to $62,500 to the player with the right combination of symbols. That’s a 2,500x multiplier for the line bet, or up to 12,500 coins.

Design and symbols

The theme choice is interesting, and you will notice that the reels don’t look like they’re spinning, instead turning to reveal what’s behind each target. The symbols on each reel turn at the same time, and they seem to be taking their time. The actual design style choice isn’t as interesting and it looks like a game that is not a recent addition to their collection.

Symbols: Ice Cream (2,500x), $$$ Bonus (scatter), Lion (scatter), Duck (scatter), Hot Dog (1,000x), Apple on stick (500x), Clown (250x), Milk Bottles (200x), Teddy Bear (150x), Star (100x), Miss (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a quick walk down memory lane, Bullseye Bucks will do just fine. It has three different bonus games you can explore, plus it might bring along some nice memories. It doesn’t excel when it comes to graphics though.

You will find Bullseye Bucks at any online casino which chooses to use software from Amaya, playable either for free or for real money.