Jackpot Holiday Slots

Jackpot-HolidayJackpot Holiday, a slot offered by Amaya casinos, will give you an exciting opportunity to embark on a travel to Europe. This game does things a bit differently though, where the reels take about half of the screen, while the other half is occupied by a map of Western Europe, with railway tracks and an ocean route placed on it, both acting as part of exciting bonus games. The travel theme can be exciting enough, but add to it a game that innovates and makes an effort, and we’re already hooked.

The reel setup is a bit unusual, using only 4 of them and with 4 symbols on each one. There are 10 paylines offered inside, some of them starting from the left side, others from the bottom of the reel set. The only features you get here are the bonus games, which are activated through symbols you collect as they appear. A prize of up to $12,500 is available to its players.

Features of Jackpot Holiday

Jackpot Holiday doesn’t offer you the conventional features that you might be used to, relying on bonus games instead. These are not terribly advanced, simply consisting of 10 locations each, and you get to travel either by train or via cruise boat through each one.

Plan Your Cruise Feature

The first of the two bonus games, Plan Your Cruise requires 10 Cruise Ship symbols to be collected, as you play the game. For each symbol you collect, the cruise ship on the map will advance by one spot. There are ten cities that it has to go through, so once you get ten cruise ships, you gain access to the bonus game.

The cruise ship starts in Sweden, and then goes through Norway, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, France again, Italy, Sicily and ends up in Greece.

Pick Your Journey Feature

This is the second bonus game, only it takes place on the railway, using as a trigger the symbols with the excellent trains of Europe. It needs the same number of 10 collected Trains to get the bonus game started.

The itinerary of the train will take you through Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and it will end up in Romania.


Betting options and jackpots

As soon as the game starts, you are required to choose the coin value at which you are going to play. You can’t change this without cancelling your progress in the bonus game, so choose carefully. The coin denomination is from $0.10 to $1. You may use up to 5 coins per payline, with the total bet for 10 lines going to $50.

The Jackpot symbol is the one that gives you the big prize, but it’s not a progressive as you might imagine. It gives you 2,500x, a multiplier applied to the line bet. That means up to 12,500 coins and the same amount in cash.

Design and symbols

The design might be slightly unusual, especially when you consider its 4 reels layout, but it looks great in this case. The map of Europe and the postcard look of the background image go great together, while the symbols appearing on the reels look like they belong there (for the most part).

Symbols: Jackpot (2,500x), Train (bonus symbol), Cruise Ship (bonus symbol), Tower of Pisa (1,000x), Eiffel Tower (750x), Big Ben (625x), Wind Mill (500x), Red 7 (375x), Green 7 (250x), Blue 7(125x), Bananas (75x), Orange (60x), Apple (50x), Plum (40x) and Cherries (30x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Jackpot Holiday should be an enjoyable game for everyone that loves to explore and see more of this great world we live in. Its bonus games might be the only features you get, but they are fun enough to make the slot worth playing.

You will find Jackpot Holiday at any online casino which chooses to use software from Amaya, playable either for free or for real money.