Pirate Treasure Slots

Pirate-Treasure-paytablePirate Treasure is an attempt from Amaya to mix a popular theme with a classic slot layout. In this case it’s not difficult to guess what it’s all about. This pirate themed slot gives the same focus on treasures that every similar design seems to have. You will notice that the reels are actually encased in the treasure chest that has just been dug out of the sand on a tropical island. It’s a good idea, with good implementation and graphics that go beyond what you usually expect from a classic title.

As every classic slot does, Pirate Treasure only offers you 3 reels and they have only 1 payline on them. The classic inspiration doesn’t stop it from offering a wild symbol and an attached multiplier. As for the biggest prize you can get here, it’s worth about $8,000.

Features of Pirate Treasure

Classic games should be as simple as possible, at least that’s what we’ve been taught. These slots tend to lack exciting characters, features and graphics, but Pirate Treasure does things a little differently. Where features are concerned, the game comes with a wild symbol, and it’s the kind that has multipliers as well.

The wild can substitute for another symbol, that’s what this type of feature does and it’s what it was created for in this game as well. You don’t get just the basics here though, as there are also multipliers to complement it. One Pirate symbol contributing to a new combination will double its payout, while the presence of two Pirate wilds will quadruple it (the 2x multiplier from both wilds applies, for a total of 4x). Three wilds on a line will get you a 1,600 coins top prize (the top jackpot).

Betting options and jackpots

The game only needs two coins to get you the big prize, with one coin used giving you half of that amount. Denominations of coins are from $0.01 to $5, so two coins at maximum value are worth $10.

The number of coins used determines the size of the prize. With one coin, the payout is up to 800 coins ($4,000). Two coins will double that amount, to 1600 coins ($8,000). There doesn’t seem to be any extra money offered per coin used, for using two coins instead of one (800x per coin used is offered, no matter how many coins you select).

Design and symbols

The design takes us on the beach of a tropical island, where we discover an open treasure chest, where instead of gold we see the reels in the bottom and the paytable on the side that is open. With the pirate ship visible in the distance, palm trees on the beech and various gems and gold coins spread around the treasure chest, I’d say the game manages to provide you with a great pirate theme, especially since this is a classic.

Symbols: Pirate (wild, 1,600 coins), Parrot (160 coins), Skull with crossed swords (80 coins), Gold Coins and Diamond Ring (50 coins), Barrel (20 coins) and Anchor (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

This is one of the better looking and more enjoyable classic slots you will find, so yes, I would recommend you give it a chance. Its top prize will not make you rush towards the Spin button, but the game is worthy of your time anyway.

This Pirate Treasure slot is offered by all online casinos with Amaya software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.