Space Invasion Slots

Space-InvasionIn Space Invasion, Amaya has created a classic slot with a modern design, at least in the way it is built, if not in the actual quality of its graphics. Involving an invasion of Earth by some weird looking aliens, the game puts the action in the cockpit of a space fighter with the center display used as a host for the reels, while the various other screens and buttons are used for options. The science fiction genre doesn’t seem well enough represented, not when you consider how many fans it has, so I’m glad Amaya created this game.

As you would expect from a classic, 1 payline is used and it is placed on 3 reels. The game has some basic features as well, meaning wild symbols and their multipliers, but otherwise keeps things simple enough. The $20,000 jackpot that is on the line here should provide adequate motivation, especially with wagers not being as high as in modern games.

Features of Space Invasion

Only one feature symbol is offered by Space Invasion, but it’s a pretty good one and I wish more games had a wild symbol of this caliber. The wild is the symbol with the WIN logo, capable of substituting for any other symbol, with no exceptions in this case. It’s capable of not only helping you create more combinations through its powers, but it also doubles prizes when a single wild achieves a substitution. If two wilds contribute to that winning combo, the multiplier goes to 4x.

The same WIN wild fives you the top jackpot, 4,000 coins/$20,000, with a 3 coin bet.

Betting options and jackpots

The number of coins used here would be considered a classic choice, with up to 3 selectable for a wager. The denomination is selectable as well, the range being more than enough to allow anyone to play the game. It starts at $0.01 per coin, and it goes up to $5. That means a maximum bet of $15.

The number of coins in the bet will determine the prize you’re getting, with the first two coins bringing you 1,000 coins each, while the use of the three coin wager brings you 1,333 coins for each unit used. That means 4,000 coins ($20,000) and since there is a bonus for a big wager, you should always select all three coins, even if their denomination is not at its highest.

Design and symbols

The design in Space Invasion might not look impressive when placed next to a 5 reel modern title, but it looks great if you compare it with a classic slot machine. The cockpit of a space fighter is what you see in this game, with the symbols being part of the front screen, while betting options and displays are arranged all around it. The aliens look goofy, not particularly menacing, more entertaining than anything.

Symbols: Win Logo (wild, 4,000 coins), Mix of Three Aliens (900 coins), Blue Alien (360 coins), Green Alien (300 coins), Red Alien (240 coins), Mix of Three Planets (120 coins), Red Planet (90 coins), Green Planet (60 coins), Blue Planet (30 coins), Blue Colored Symbols (6 coins), Green Colored Symbols (6 coins), Red Colored Symbols (6 coins) and Blank (3 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

You will have a great time playing through the space invasion, especially if you’re tired of old pub slots with weak graphics and without any kind of entertainment power.

This Space Invasion slot is offered by all online casinos with Amaya software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.