Spin ‘n’ Win Slots

Spin-'n'-WinIn Spin ‘n’ Win the player is getting a classic title from Amaya, the theme being based on some kind of game show where you spin the reels and you win prizes. You get all the lights and props of a TV studio, complete with the girl that sits to its right and just looks pretty. It’s flashy and colorful, exactly how a game show should be, even though these are not typical descriptions for classic slot machines.

A 3 reel slot from Amaya, Spin ‘n’ Win has 1 payline, multiple features and its prizes will reach a $4,000 value or they can give you a progressive jackpot instead. The features consist of wild symbols with multipliers, plus free games.

Features of Spin ‘n’ Win

Amaya seems to be doing alright when it comes to classic games, often including in them the kind of features and graphics that you would expect in more recent slot machines. Spin ‘n’ Win is no exception, especially when it comes to the list of special symbols.

An interesting thing about Spin ‘n’ Win is that you get its features to be active only if you select all three coins in your bets. This will not give you bigger prizes for most combinations, but it does mean a chance at the progressive jackpot, wild symbols and bonus spins.

I’ll start with one of the two wild symbols offered inside, the 5 Times Pay logo. As you probably know, the wild can substitute for another symbol, if the presence of that particular icon in its place would result in a new or improved paying combination. That’s not all it does though. It also multiplies the prize of that new combination by 5x, so you get five times more money with its help. This type of power only works with regular symbols, so it doesn’t affect the scatter or bonus symbols.

The second wild from Spin ‘n’ Win is the one that has the wheel of fortune and the game logo. This wild also has a 5x multiplier that can be applied to all winnings formed with its help.

If you are able to get both types of wilds to contribute to the same winning combo, both multipliers will be applied, so you end up with a prize 25 times bigger than normal.

The final feature of the game is the Spin logo, usable only during rounds where you used 3 coins. Whenever one of these symbols appears, you will receive a bonus spin.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s a game that is cheap enough to play, even at its highest bet setting. It asks for $0.05 to $3 per spin, the higher amount consisting of 3 coins of $1 each. The use of a single coin is possible, and its smallest value can be $0.05.

There are two ways you can get a $4,000 prize in this game, and one method through which you can get a progressive jackpot. Both wild symbols are capable of giving you the fixed cash prize, if you have three matching wilds on the payline, while using 2 coins in your bets. With 3 coin bets, the wild marked Spin ‘n’ Win will get you a progressive jackpot instead.

Design and symbols

It’s a game show themed slot, and it’s flashy and colorful as a result. It’s miles ahead of most classic slots in terms of design, but it will not fool you into thinking that it’s modern. Get a winning combination out of this game, and you will notice the lights around the reels starting to flash and celebrate your prize. There is no animation involved with the symbols or the lady that sits next to the game area.

Symbols: Spin ‘n’ Win Logo (wild, progressive jackpot), 5 Times Pay (wild, 4,000 coins), Red 7 (120 coins), 7 Bar (100 coins), Triple Bar (60 coins), Double Bar (40 coins), Single Bar (20 coins) and Stacks of Cash (20 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s more than a decent classic slot game, but only as long as you’re OK with them having some features and graphics that go beyond the classic genre.

The Spin ‘n’ Win slot machine is offered through the Amaya platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.