Vampires vs Werewolves Slots

Vampires-vs-WerewolvesVampires vs Werewolves takes the players in the middle of a war between the two types of monsters of the night. The vampire, with its immortality and its blood sucking habits has his pros and cons (no walking in the daylight sucks), while the werewolf and his sheer force typically only come around during a full moon. I’d bet on the vampire in this case, that trick where he turns into a flock of bats should keep him safe.

Amaya is the designer behind this slot machine, and they’ve placed inside 20 paylines and 5 reels. The jackpot is the real attraction point, with $187,500 on the line. It doesn’t ignore its features though, so you get clash scatters where the two beasts go against each other, a wild symbol and a bonus game.

Features of Vampires vs Werewolves

The game’s most representative symbols are all used for feature roles, and there are three total. The free spins are missing, as do the multipliers, but scatter symbols, wilds and bonus games are present.

The vampire girl will be the one that will act as the wild symbol in this game, and it’s going to substitute for all symbols, except for the vampire, the werewolf and the bonus. The top jackpot is also her responsibility, so you will be rewarded whenever you form combinations with multiple symbols. The minimum offered is worth just 5x the line bet, for two wilds. Get all five though, and the prize goes all the way up to 7,500x.

A bonus feature is present, and it requires a bonus symbol to be present on the reels 2 to 4. It’s the symbol that has both the werewolf and the vampire on it and looks like a black and white painting.

The final feature is the Clash Scatter, composed of two different types of scatter symbols that can appear on their own reels. The Vampire scatter will be found on the 1st reel, while the Werewolf is reserved for the 5th reel. When you have both monsters during the same spin, the reward will be a random prize. The prize size is influenced by the number of crosses found in the top right corner of symbols.


Betting options and jackpots

If you’re wondering what allows this game to offer such a big prize, I’d say the size of the bet has something to do with it, among other things. You can spend up to $500 for a single spin in this slot, the rewards being more than generous if you do get the top prize. The bets are composed of up to 20 paylines, with 5 coins on each, plus coin denominations of up to $5 ($25 per line).

The reward for that kind of bet, when you have the five wilds on the same payline, will be 37,500 coins, or up to $187,500. It’s more than generous, and way above the average jackpot from Amaya.

Design and symbols

Taking place in a forest at night, Vampires vs Werewolves has the perfect backdrop for the action and the fighting that’s about to happen in it. Everything about it is dark, especially when it is related to the surrounding graphics and the reels. The symbols have a bit of color in them, but they don’t overdo it. The ones that might bother you are the playing card icons, stock images that have some scratches on them, but that’s about it for the extent of their customization.

Symbols: Vampire and Werewolf (scatters), Vampire Girl (wild, 7,500x), Monster Battle (scatter), Garlic (500x), Dagger (250x), Bible and Cross (250x), Pistol (125x), Ace/King (100x) and Queen/Jack (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The theme chosen for it should be a good enough reason to at least give it a few spins, but its big top payout will probably be the one to convince people to stay a bit longer.

This Vampires vs Werewolves slot is offered by all online casinos with Amaya software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.