Wild West Slots

Wild-WestAmaya has built in Wild West an unusual looking classic, with a Wild West theme and a design that puts it closer to a modern title (though not too modern). The Wild West has held the interest of people for decades now, with western movies playing a big role in that. For some it’s because of the gunfights, for others because of the opportunities that were available for the taking, or for the romantic notion of the cowboy or the lawmakers. The action takes place in one of those small Wild West towns, the reels being arranged in the middle of the street. On both sides you see the wooden buildings, while the player’s point of view is from behind a shotgun that’s aimed at the reels.

The game’s 3 reels have 1 payline on them, but unlike its older cousins, this title actually comes with features and they’re pretty good. I’m talking about the wild symbol and the multiplier that is attached to it. You can hope for prizes of up to $20,000, as long as you make the necessary bet per spin.

Features of Wild West

You’re not going to get an entire collection of features here, like most modern games and some of the classics have, but you do get a really good one.

I’m talking about a wild symbol that you will recognize because it has the Sheriff star on it. Whenever you have one or two wild symbols on the payline, this feature will try and substitute for other symbols present on the same line. If you already have two matching symbols there, the wild will take the role of the third and you win a prize. With two wilds and one other symbol, both wilds will take the role of the other one and once again, you get a new combination. The 2x multiplier that comes with the wilds can double the prize of that new winning combo, while two wild symbols will add a 4x multiplier.

The same wild symbol is going to reward you with the top jackpot, if you have all the line’s positions occupied by it.

Betting options and jackpots

The use of 3 coins in bets is how the classics will handle betting when only 1 payline is available, and this happens in 90% of the games. The coin’s denomination is $0.01 to $5, so you can use up to $15 for a single spin.

The reward for a $15 investment on a 1 payline game is quite nice, with the 4,000 coins of the jackpot being valued at $20,000.

Design and symbols

The design is considerably better looking than what a regular classic tends to look like, but it’s not coming anywhere close to a true modern slot machine. It’s got a dated design and it will not convince anyone to play if they’re looking for a nice experience.

Symbols: Sheriff Star (wild, 4,000 coins), Red/White/Blue Bottles Mix (900 coins), Red Bottle (360 coins), White Bottle (300 coins), Blue Bottle (240 coins), Red/White/Blue Gold Piles (120 coins), Blue Gold Pile (90 coins), White Gold Pile (60 coins), Red Gold Pile (30 coins), Blank (3 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you happen to be both a fan of the Wild West and you prefer classic slots, this game is miles ahead of regular pub titles in terms of graphics. It’s not going to come close to the best looking games out there though.

This Wild West slot is offered by all online casinos with Amaya software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.