2 Million B.C. Slots

2-Million-B.C.2 Million B.C. is a slot from BetSoft that brings the world of cavemen and sabertooth tigers closer to our times. The action seems to be taking place in a time when cavemen were the rulers of the Earth, with mammoths, sabertooth tigers and sloths being all part of the world. The action follows a cavemen’s attempt to steal a cavegirl’s heart, with diamonds that he’s stealing from the sabertooth. There are some interesting bonus games inside that are based on this story.

A 3D slot with gorgeous graphics, 2 Million B.C. gives you 5 reels and up to 30 selectable paylines. The game’s top jackpot of $5,000 is not that big, but you will discover that the scatter symbols, bonus games and free spins are often triggered, and they can be a lot of fun.

Features of 2 Million B.C.

There are no wild symbols in this game, but BetSoft has included multiple bonus games that can be fun, with scatter symbols triggering them and with free games being part of the action as well.

Free Games Feature

The scatter that will get you the free spins is the one with the camp fire on it. As soon as you get 3+ camp fire symbols on the reels, in any position, you will notice that the scene changes, turning to night. The caveman that is to the right of the reels will sit down, right next to a camp fire, with his eyes turning towards the reels that are turning with your free spins. You don’t get a huge number of free spins, but they should be enough to get you some decent prizes, especially since winning comes easy in this game.


Saber Attacks Feature

The acorn symbol is another scatter, and you will need to collect three of them over a period of multiple spins, if you want to get inside the Saber Attacks bonus game. You will notice the sloth collecting the acorns as they appear, and once you have enough of them you will notice that the caveman climbs up the reels and reaches the top. Next, you have to choose when to throw the acorn at the saber tooth tiger, in an attempt to get him unconscious. If you manage to do this, you get a nice prize out of it.


Diamond Bonus Feature

Another interesting bonus game would be Diamond Bonus. The Diamond symbol is responsible for it being triggered. This is not a scatter symbol, so the minimum of 3 symbols required have to be on the same line. If it does happen, the bonus game starts up, and you will see the cave girl come in and tell the caveman about the Sabertooth and the big diamond he’s guarding.


The caveman rushes to the next screen, where you get a choice on how you want to steal the diamond. The options are Sneak, Attack and Amuse. Pick one of them, and you will get the diamond and a prize. Three diamonds will get you 200x, four will get you 500x and five will bring you a prize worth 1,000x.


Betting options and jackpots

Though there are only 30 paylines in the game, the bets will use up to 150 coins. Each line would get 1 to 5 coins, while individual denominations will vary between $0.02 and $1 (the player’s choice). Those that maximize their bets will get to use a $150 wager.

The slot’s top payout is 5,000 coins, so a 1000x multiple of the line bet. At $5,000, it’s not a prize that would motivate a lot of people, but you get winning combinations to appear quite often in the game, plus there isn’t a huge difference between the first prize and the ones following it.

Design and symbols

The design is worthy of the 3D slots line from BetSoft, where their best games can be found. I’d recommend trying any of their 3D slots, they’re all gorgeous and this caveman inspired game is no exception. The action takes place in the jungle, with stone made objects and betting options, with animations, introduction movies and bonus games that allow you to participate directly and make decisions. The caveman sits right next to the reels, and he gestures at you, helps the reels to spin faster and claps his hands.

Symbols: Camp Fire (scatter), Acorn (scatter), Diamond (1,000x), Cave Girl (500x), Sabertooth (400x), Sloth (300x), Stonehenge (250x), Stone Wheel (200x), Wooden Club (150x), Necklace (125x), Mammoth Drawing (100x), Ceramic Vessel (75x) and the Ruby (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say it’s definitely worth a try, if nothing else than for its wonderful graphics and for the entertainment factor. Its features are not bad either, especially since they’re not terribly difficult to trigger, plus you get prizes frequently.

You will find 2 Million B.C. at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.