A Night in Paris Slots

A-Night-in-ParisA Night in Paris is a BetSoft 3D slot, one of their better looking slot machines and a game that is themed around Parisian art and a thief that’s trying to break into a museum. Have no fear, the security guard is on the job and the thief has no chance to get away. The city of Paris is fascinating to a lot of people, for some because it’s such a romantic city, with great architecture and iconic constructions like the Eiffel Tower, while others enjoy its many museums and the world famous art pieces found inside. This game has a little bit for everything in it, even though the focus is on the robbery.

There are 30 paylines offered in this 5 reel game, with beautiful symbols occupying them and some of them even act as extra features. It’s the case for the scatter symbols, bonus games and free spins that you will find inside. The payout is not terribly attractive at $3,750, but you will find that it’s a slot which rewards the player often. On top of that, a progressive jackpot is also winnable inside.

Features of A Night in Paris

BetSoft doesn’t rely on wild symbols in this game, but luckily they do want to make sure you will have a great time. They prefer to use bonus games instead, with some action related to the theme and with free spins also available.

One of the combinations of symbols that you can get is the one where you have the three specific symbols on lines 1, 2 or 3. The thief and the security guard need to be first and third, while the 2nd position has the police badge with the French flag on it. Whenever this happens, you will get an instant prize from this game. It’s a multiplier applied to the total bet, so it should be a decent amount.


Free Games Feature

The start of the free spins is given by the presence of 3+ badge symbols. As these free games are being played, you will notice that the thief is chased around by the dog and his owner, the security guard.

Caught in the Museum

The small painting that shows us Napoleon will be the one to get you an interesting bonus game, where you see the thief come into the museum. You are the one that decides what he’s going to steal, the choices being the Painting, Statue or a Vase.


He can either escape with his loot, or he can be chased and caught by Jerome LaBaste, the security guard. Either way, you will see a cute animation movie with everything that happens, and then you get a bonus prize.


Betting options and jackpots

There are up to 150 coins that you get to use in A Night in Paris, each one valued at $1 or less. If you decide to keep everything at its highest setting, you end up with a $150 bet, but just as easily you can reduce the number of coins per line (from 5 to 1), the number of lines (from 30 to 1) or the denomination of the coins (down to $0.02).

The prize offered directly by the game will get you up to $3,750, so the real prize is the progressive jackpot that is offered. The progressive prize will go into five figure territory, so you can get enough here for a luxurious trip to Paris (or about a dozen cheaper ones).

Design and symbols

There is no doubt that A Night in Paris is one of the better looking titles that are themed around this great city. It’s not even specifically about the city of Paris, just about a robbery that’s taking place in it, and it’s still miles ahead of the competition. From the background to the beautiful symbols, the decorations placed around the reels and the characters that are part of its various movies, A Night in Paris does a great job with its design.

Symbols: Painting (scatter), Badge (scatter), Security Guard (progressive jackpot), Thief (300x), Dog (250x), Couple in love (200x), Doves (150x), Vase (125x), Eiffel Tower (100x), Statue (75x) and Croissant (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You might not be in love with the game’s regular top prize, but the progressive jackpot remedies that. Add to the prize the fact that it is one of the best looking Paris slots out there, plus some bonus games which give you entertaining action and movies, and you have a slot that you shouldn’t miss out on.

A Night in Paris can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.