After Night Falls Slots

After-Night-FallsAfter Night Falls is a game designed by the developers from BetSoft, and it’s one of their better looking titles and part of the 3D slots collection. The action revolves around a police inspector that is trying to figure out who is the man behind the robbery of a sweet little old granny. It’s not taking place in the best part of town, with dirty streets and run down buildings being placed around the reels, while garbage cans and dumpsters are used as support for bet options. The police inspector resembles one of those classic French detectives, with a hat and a thin black moustache completing his look.

This 3D slot gives the player 5 reels and on them there are 30 different lines that can receive wagers. Among the features offered you will find the scatter symbols, free games, wilds and bonus rounds with exciting action. Its biggest prize is not that big actually, with $1,250 being its maximum value.

Features of After Night Falls

This game has it all, from moving wilds, to collapsing wilds, bonus symbols, scatters, free spins and bonus games. You get a little bit of everything and in each case it’s a good feature, not one that’s included just for the sake of running up the feature list.

The Moving Wild feature is part of a symbol with a magnifying glass on it. You only need one of these magnifier glasses in any position, and that will trigger the moving wild feature. You get free spins from this wild symbol, that will move one spot to the left during each spin that follows. Once the wild reaches the end of the screen, the free spins are done. While moving towards the left side, it will keep acting as a wild and it will substitute for the regular symbols. This doesn’t include symbols like Bonus, Free Spins or Click Me.


The Stacked Collapsing Wild is activated only during wagers with a maximum number of lines selected. If you get an entire reel occupied by identical symbols, you get a prize worth as much as three of those symbols would offer you if they were on a payline. On top of that, the symbols will collapse and occupy a single position on the reels, instead of three. New symbols will come in to occupy the two free spots, with a chance to form new combinations of symbols.

5 Rooms Click Me Feature

The Criminal is used for another feature symbol. This scatter will give you the bonus game called 5 Rooms Click Me, but only if 3+ Criminals are in any position on the screen. You have to pick one of the five doors, and the Criminals will go inside that apartment and will steal money from the owner. You continue to pick doors until you get the Collect message.

Bonus Game

Granny is the victim of the Criminal that called the police on him. She is also the image of the scatter symbol that is allowed to appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. Whenever all three reels have this symbol at the same time, a bonus round is triggered. You will help the detective pick various areas from the crime scene, to be investigated further. Each time you find evidence, you are rewarded.


Free Spins Feature

The final scatter symbol, and one of my favorites, is the one that gets you the free spins in this game. It’s represented by the image of a police file, and since it’s a scatter it doesn’t matter where exactly it lands on the reels. You just need it to appear a minimum of two times for the prize, or three times for the free spins round. The cash prize is worth 60 credits, and it doesn’t grow when you get additional scatters.

As for the free games, they award more if there are extra scatters present, so 3, 4 or 5 scatters will give you 10, 15 or 25 free spins, respectively. If 25 spins where you don’t have to pay anything are not enough, know that there is also a random multiplier for the prizes of each one, giving you between 2x and 10x the amount mentioned on the paytable.


Betting options and jackpots

After Night Falls uses up to 150 coins, with the denomination being at $1 for the maximum setting, or $0.02 for the lowest. The 30 paylines, when they are selected, will accept up to 5 coins to be used for each one. A $150 maximum bet is allowed in this game.

With so many features and with prizes being quite often awarded, it’s no wonder that the top jackpot is small. You get only $1,250 here, in the best case scenario, but you win many other slightly smaller payouts, and you do that quite often. The free spins can be a lot more generous, with up to 10x multipliers applied to the top jackpot.

Design and symbols

The design is gorgeous, depicting a scene at night, with a police investigator sitting next to a building, in a run down part of town. The building is also the support for the reels, and you can see the old lady’s apartment in the top corner, while the Criminal shows up once in a while and then he runs away when he sees the inspector. It’s all very well done, with 3D graphics, animations and a huge quantity of details. There was a lot of work put into this slot, and it deserves its place in the 3D slots category.

Symbols: Granny (scatter), Criminal (scatter), Police File (scatter), Police Inspector (250x), Cat (150x), Jewelry Box (100x), Surveillance Camera (50x), TV (25x), Jewelry Bag (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the better games from BetSoft, and it does great in every major area, with the exception of the top prize. Even there though, it makes up for it with frequent wins that are not as far apart from the top jackpot amount as in other titles, plus there is a small chance of the top jackpot being won during a free spin with a huge multiplier.

This After Night Falls slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.