Alkemor’s Tower Slots

Alkemor's-TowerReleased by the guys from Betsoft, Alkemor’s Tower is a pretty amazing wizard themed game, a slot machine with lots of cool features and highly enjoyable graphics. It’s clearly one of the 3D slots from this developer, the quality being quite extraordinary, though in line with what we came to expect from modern slot machines in the last couple of years. The fantasy/sorcery theme is not unusual at all, but the designers did such a good job in this case that there are few that could compete with it in this area.

243 ways to win are used by Alkemor’s Tower, a 5 reel slot. The game relies heavily on wild symbols and on Elemental spells to make it more entertaining, though first you need certain scatter symbols in place to trigger it all. Top rewards of up to $1,750 can be expected from regular combinations.

Features of Alkemor’s Tower

The design is a big part of what makes this slot enjoyable, but the features are quite good as well, including things like Elemental Spells of four types, free spins, scatter symbols and wilds.

Once the game has loaded, you will notice that you’re not getting regular paylines from it. Instead, the slot makes use of ways to win, giving you 243 of these to play host for the winning combinations you get. The advantage of the way to win is that it takes into account the symbols which are on neighboring reels, and it doesn’t care whether the position is on a payline or not. The games that use this system tend to offer more prizes, but they’re going to be of lower value.

Elemental Spells

One very important part of the game is the use of the four elements and the spells which can come out of them in this game. To trigger such a feature, you need Spell Book icons on the first two reels, while on the third reel there is one elemental symbol. Depending on which of the four elemental vials appear on the third reel, the spell which triggers will change. Having Spell Book icons on the fourth reel, or on the fourth and the fifth, will increase the spell’s power.


Water Elemental Spell

Since it’s a Water spell, you need its icon on the 3rd reel, while you get the Spell Book on the first two reels, in order to trigger it. The wizard brings forth a huge wave of water, which will go over the reels of the slot. The Spell Book and Elemental symbols which are visible on the last four reels will all turn into wilds, while the first reel Spell Books will be turned into regular symbols chosen at random.


Earth Elemental Spell

Should you get the Spell Book on the first two reels, while the Earth elemental is on the third one, the Earth Spell will be cast. Meteors will be summoned out of the sky by the wizard, and they will hit the reels, turning Elemental and Spell Book icons from the reels 2 to 5 into wild symbols. The symbols of any other type will be destroyed by the meteors, so new ones can come in.


Air Elemental Spell

The third possible Elemental Spell, it needs the Air Elemental on the 3rd reel, with the Spell Book on the first two. A huge tornado is brought forth by the wizard when this feature triggers. Like before, wild symbols appear on the reels, taking the place of any Elemental or Spell book icons. The rest of the symbols go outside the reels, taking other positions and hopefully bringing a lot of new wins. The 1st reel Spell Book turns into a regular symbol.


Fire Elemental Spell

The fourth type of spell requires a Fire Elemental symbol on reel 3, while reels 1 and 2 get Spell Book icons. A large ball of fire comes down on the reels when this feature triggers, making them erupt in flames and turning Spell Books and Elemental symbols into wilds if they’re on the last four reels. The 1st reel Spell Books will be turned into regular symbols. On top of the wilds you already got, this feature adds the same number of extra wilds to the reels as there were Spell Books present originally.


Free Spins Floors

The free games of Alkemor’s Tower are of two types, and they can trigger either with two Spell Books and One Spell Book with a vine, or with three regular Spell Books.


The Nature Floor is the one which has the third scatter as a spell book with a vine around it. You can win between 10 and 15 free spins this way, the game taking into account how many Elementals there are. This part also has a Vine feature which appears on the 3rd reel, and which begins to devour the neighbors when this happens, offering prizes at the same time.

The Celestial Floor is the other type of free spins, and it needs three blue spell books, the third one being tied with some sort of buckle. 1 to 15 free games are awarded at this point, the extra feature being a Black Hole which appears either on the 2nd or the 4th reel, devouring neighbors and awarding prizes.

Betting options and jackpots

Like every other game with ways to win, it asks you to use a certain number of coins to cover the 243 ways to win, 30 in this case. If you increase the number of coins per line, you can go up to 150 coins total for one spin. The coins start at $0.02 and go up to $1, so you can spend $5 for one payline or $150 total.

The game’s paytable will tell you exactly how many coins you can win, up to 1,750 of them, and the cash value would be the same if you used $1 coins.

Design and symbols

A lot of work has went into this game, and it shows everywhere you look, especially in the design, though the features are also quite fun to experience. The action takes place in the tower of a powerful wizard, and you see the stairs on both sides of the reels, as they go up to another level of the building. The symbols are all highly detailed images, with the wizard leading the way, accompanied by images of gemstones, toadstools, rings, scales, scrolls and all sorts of other things that belong in a wizard’s tower.


Symbols: Spell Book (scatter), Water Elemental (scatter), Fire Elemental (scatter), Air Elemental (scatter), Earth Elemental (scatter), Alkemor (350x), Green Crystals (200x), Gold Coins (150x), Gold Ring (100x), Gemstone Bag (75x), Toadstool (50x), Scrolls (30x) and Scales (25x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a highly enjoyable slot machine, one of the best from BetSoft, and it’s especially true because of the features which can be triggered, though the graphics are also very good.

This Alkemor’s Tower slot is offered by all online casinos with Betsoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.