Aztec Treasure Slots

Aztec-TreasureAztec Treasure is one of BetSoft’s older games, a simple title that has a progressive jackpot and a theme that brings closer to our days the Aztec civilization and some of their accomplishments. They were creators of pyramids, like the Egyptians also were though thousands of miles away, so these are people worthy of being remembered. The game looks dated and doesn’t compare with the latest designs coming from this developer, but it might still be worth a try for its progressive jackpot.

You get 3 reels in Aztec Treasure, with the paylines stopping at 8. The progressive jackpot is part of the prize offered, but so is the game’s own $750. With 8 paylines crowded on those 3 reels, you can expect quite a few winning combinations, which is a good thing since there is only one feature included, the Hold option.

Features of Aztec Treasure

For the most part, the game remains a classic that has no big features. As every classic should, this game improves when it comes to the design (compared with other classics at least), but it doesn’t have symbols with special roles.

The option to Hold one or two of the reels, while spinning the rest, is something that you don’t generally get even in modern games. It’s a welcome surprise, and it does hold considerable potential for profit. You can click on the reels that hold identical or profitable symbols, and spin the others, hoping that you will have some complete combinations this way.

Betting options and jackpots

Up to 40 coins may be used on the game’s 8 paylines, with 5 selected for each one. It’s not a typical bet for a classic game. The coin value selection gives you the power to take it from $0.02 to $1, with $40 being the highest possible bet.

A 150x multiplier is announced by the game for the big prize, meaning up to $750, but those that use the maximum bet get a chance at the progressive jackpot instead. This jackpot is always displayed at the top of the reels.

Design and symbols

The design is impressive, as long as you keep in mind the classic nature of the slot and you know with what titles you should compare it to. In its category, it has above average graphics and an amount of detail that puts most classic slots to shame. It’s not a classic when it comes to design, at least if your idea of a classic is fruits and the look of an old slot machine. Its reels are encased on the side of a temple or pyramid, deep inside the South American jungle.

Symbols: Logo (150x/progressive jackpot), Aztec Warrior (100x), Pyramid (50x), Feather Headband (20x), Green Skull (10x), Bird Symbol (5x), Feather Crown (3x) and Aztec Drawings (1x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Aztec Treasure might not be your idea of a great looking slot, but for a classic game it’s pretty good looking. The progressive jackpot and its lack of features (with one exception) will make it a favorite for some types of players, and you should go for it if you’re one of them.

This Aztec Treasure slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.