Back in Time Slots

Back-in-TimeBack in Time will do just that for you, it will take you to the era of the dinosaurs, and you will get to play a slot machine dedicated to them. They’re not the scary kind of dinosaurs either, on the contrary. You’re getting a cute young dinosaur as a companion, always sitting on the right side of the reels and helping you progress through the game. The same cute dinosaur appears as a symbol, plus many of the other images consist of dinosaur eggs. It looks like one of the older games from BetSoft, but for a classic title it’s quite well made.

The 3 reels give you up to 8 paylines to place bets on, an unusual amount for a classic title, but something that BetSoft does regularly for their games. The $250 given away by the top jackpot might sound like it’s too small, but consider how many winning chances you have with 8 paylines placed on just 3 reels. On top of that, the game offers a Hold feature, a wild symbol and a bonus game.

Features of Back in Time

You might not expect much from this part of the review, since this is a 3 reel slot, but you’d be wrong. This is one of those classics that plays and looks like it’s a modern game, while retaining the small number of reels.

The wild symbol is the one you’ll be most familiar with, giving you the opportunity to form new combinations in some cases, when the symbol is positioned in the right spot to achieve a substitution. The image selected for this wild symbol is the broken egg with the two question marks inside.

The ability to Hold reels is present in quite a few slot machines these days, though it’s still not as popular as I’d like them to be. Each reel can be clicked on, allowing you to hold the ones you like, while the others will spin again and give you different symbols. You can keep the reels that have matching symbols or wilds on them, while spinning the rest. You have a bit of control over the outcome of a game, so you need to think things through here and maximize your chances of getting a good payout. Besides keeping the reels with wilds on them, you can also hold the ones with high paying symbols, so hopefully you can get more out of the combinations you do form.

Bonus Game Feature

The symbol with three stones with a red background will take the role of the bonus game trigger. You collect these stones as they appear (actually, the cute little dino collects them for you), and once three of them are in your possession the bonus game starts. You use the stones you’ve collected to try and break the wood made reels, in the hopes that three identical symbols will be obtained. If you manage this, the prize is worth 200 coins. With just two identical symbols, the payout is only 25 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

The slot’s main requirement is for all the paylines to be selected, but that’s just the minimum and you can take the wager up a notch. The full betting range is $0.16 to $40, where the minimum uses 8 coins worth $0.02 each. The maximum bet uses $1 coins, and there are 5 of them on each payline.

You will not find its prizes to be that impressive, but thanks to the Hold feature and the large number of paylines, you will get paid often enough that it compensates for the low values. Best case scenario, you can get 50 times the line bet, so $250.

Design and symbols

Back in Time doesn’t give you the sort of graphics that you might be used to if you’re a fan of 5 reel titles, but try and compare it with its 3 reel brethren and you will see a huge difference. The action takes place on a beach or in a desert somewhere, with the only trees visible being the ones that are holding up the reels. These consist of three wood logs, with stone wrapped around them and used as support for the symbols.

Symbols: Broken Egg (wild), Stones (bonus), Pink Egg (50x), Purple Egg (20x), Green Egg (10x), Dinomite (5x), Game logo (3x), Triple 7 (2x) and the Dinomo Dinosaur (1x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game has a number of advantages one should consider. First of all, it’s above average as far as graphics are concerned, if compared with another classic. It’s also a game with a lot of paylines on few reels, so there is a big chance of getting a winning combo. Finally, it has the Hold option and a few extra features you can enjoy.

The Back in Time slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.