Enchanted Slots

EnchantedEnchanted is a BetSoft slot machine, one of their better looking titles and a game that has a theme based on wizards, fairies and trolls. It’s a fantasy theme, as you might’ve guessed, and it’s one of the better looking ones in this category. An impressive amount of work has been put into this particular game, with a magical forest surrounding the reels, while on them you find all sorts of creatures that will remind you of the movies and books of your childhood. The wizard and the fairy are on the good side, while Rufus the troll is the bad guy.

With 5 reels available inside, Enchanted will have up to 30 lines that can be activated. You can collect symbols to get bonus games started and you can win free spins, all the while keeping the eyes on the big prize, the progressive jackpot. If you don’t get that one, there is another prize you can hope to get, worth $25,000.

Features of Enchanted

Enchanted is not as feature rich as some of the other titles from BetSoft’s 3D Slots collection. You don’t get a wild symbol here and there is only one scatter inside. That doesn’t mean that it’s not fun though, as you will find multiple bonus games you can gain access to.

The Golden Key is a symbol you will sometimes see in the game, and it’s the kind that you have to collect each time it appears. It shows up only on the 5th reel, and once you manage to collect 3 keys you get Tonk’s Tinkering Doors feature.

Crazy Hat’s Crazy Reels is the name of another small bonus game, this one triggered whenever 2+ scatters with a Purple Hat on them appear during the same round. You can’t get any other features started, while this feature is active and doing its thing on the reels.


Ultimate Spellbook Free Spins

A Spellbook is on the symbol that will get you access to the free spins, but it’s not a scatter symbol, like it would be in other titles. You need a minimum of three Spellbooks on the same payline, which will get you both free games and instant cash prizes. As the free spins are used, if you get the Enchanted symbol in the center position of the 3rd reel, you get extra bonuses awarded to you during this feature. The free spins don’t allow for other bonus games to be triggered, so it’s a pretty basic experience.

Save Feera’s Birdie

Feera and Rufus are the protagonists of a bonus round called “Save Feera’s Birdie”. Rufus has stolen the fairy’s bird, and now you have to help her save it. To trigger this bonus game, you need to have both Feera and Rufus on the same payline, and side by side. Get them together, and the bonus game will start.


Betting options and jackpots

Using up to 150 coins, the betting system in Enchanted will give you the option to wager a maximum of $150. As you might’ve guessed, the coin denomination selectable here goes up to $1, while the minimum value is $0.02. The paylines can each get 1 to 5 coins, if you choose to select them.

A 5,000x multiple of the line bet is nothing to scoff at, especially in a 3D slot from BetSoft, where prizes tend to be a lot lower. In this case, it means up to $25,000 obtained from an identical number of coins won. A progressive jackpot is also available, so you get twice the potential to win something. You need the maximum bet of $150 per spin, to be able to win the progressive prize.

Design and symbols

Enchanted does look like a magical place to be in, with a forest behind it where the trees have tiny houses inside them, with owls, dwarfs, potions and sorcerers all part of the action. It’s highly detailed, and I’m not talking just about the symbols. The surrounding graphics are just as full of small details and I guarantee you that you will enjoy playing this game.

Symbols: Golden Key (bonus symbol), Crazy Hat (scatter), Spellbook (free spins), Elrid Sorcerer (5,000x), Feera Girl (4,000x), Rufus the Troll (3,000x), Tonk the Dwarf (2,000x), Owl (1,000x), Crystal Ball (500x), Gold Chalice (300x), Staff (200x) and the Bracelet (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Enchanted is not as feature rich as some of the other BetSoft games, but it does have bigger prizes and graphics that look just as good as any of the others. Overall, I’ll recommend it, just like I do for every 3D slot from BetSoft.

This Enchanted slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.