Event Horizon Slots

Event-HorizonEvent Horizon seems to want to mix two very different types of themes together, using both space related and classic icons and images. The action takes place somewhere in space, a beautiful view of the stars being shown behind the game area, while on the reels the symbols are mostly modern versions of classic icons (7s, bar, playing cards, fruits). The developer that created this modern game is Betsoft.

Event Horizon gets 5 reels with 243 ways to win/paylines on them. There are wild symbols inside, along with something called Sync Reels, but that’s about it for the features. The biggest prizes available will go to $1,250.

Features of Event Horizon

The features that Event Horizon offers are not many, but they’re good ones and some of them are even quite rare. The wild symbol is present, as are the ways to win and the Sync Reels feature.

First of all, the game uses 243 ways to win, which is surprising for a slot with classic icons on its reels. The symbols only need for the matching icons to be on neighboring reels, and they are able to form combinations. The odds of getting paid each round increase considerably, but the payouts tend to be lower.

A wild symbol is present in the game, using the only image which isn’t a classic. It looks like a planet of some sort, or a huge ball of metal. These symbols are not capable of offering prizes, since they don’t appear on all the reels (only on the last four ones). However, they will be useful to you as substitutes, so new combinations will form with these symbols in them from time to time.

Sync Reels

The feature that is most unusual in this game is this one, called Sync Reels. For each spin of the reels, you get at least two reels which will have identical symbols on them. Obviously, the odds of combinations forming are huge when you combine this feature with the ways to win. The reels are always neighbors when they sync, and they can even expand to all the reels of the slot, to maximize your winnings.


Betting options and jackpots

You have to bet in multiples of 25 coins in this game, since the slot uses the same number of paylines for betting purposes, instead of using the 243 ways to win. Between 25 and 125 coins can be used, which would mean line bets of 1 to 5 coins. Since their denomination goes up to $0.25, you can spend up to $1.25 per line, or $31.25 total.

The biggest prizes offered give you back 1,000 times the line bet, or 5,000 coins. Their actual value would be up to $1,250. There are good odds that you will get multiple ways to win with similar combinations though, especially thanks to the Sync Reels feature.

Design and symbols

Though normally I’m not a fan of the kind of symbols that are used in this game, I have to say that the developers did a very good job at making them acceptable and worthy of a modern slot machine. They fit quite well with the space theme that is used everywhere else. As far as the design goes, I’d call it an above average choice.


Symbols: Iron World (wild), Red 7 (1,000x), Golden Bell (500x), Three Bar (400x), Two Bar (250x), One Bar (250x), Cherries (40x), Ace (40x), King (40x), Queen (25x), Jack (25x) and 10 (25x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game is easy to enjoy, despite the classic connection which some might not like. It helps a lot that it offers features that most games don’t have, and I’m referring here to the mix of ways to win with Sync Reels.

You will find Event Horizon at any online casino which chooses to use software from Betsoft, playable either for free or for real money.