Gold Diggers Slots

Gold-DiggersGold Diggers is a game designed by BetSoft, which will get you a theme that’s mostly themed around a couple of regular gold diggers, you know, the kind that actually dig gold out of the ground. The game does include a sexy blonde in daisy dukes among the symbols, so those two dirty miners aren’t the only ones vying for your attention. Developers seem to be trying to cover every possible meaning of the term “gold digger” with this one, and they’ve managed that, while giving you a pretty awesome gold themed slot machine.

This 5 reel slot machine is in the 3D Slots category at BetSoft, meaning that its 30 paylines will see a lot of action from different types of features, awesome graphics and a lot of attention to detail. There isn’t a lot of variety in the types of features you get, but there are multiple bonus games inside, plus scatter symbols. Its prizes will get you up to $2,500, with a bit of luck on your side.

Features of Gold Diggers

Though you will not find free spins, wilds or multipliers in this game, it tries to give you enough features to keep you interested. It does this through different types of bonus games, a scatter symbol and through one explosive feature.

The dynamite sticks will be explosive quite literally, symbols that when you get them to form a winning combo they will both pay you a prize and will explode soon after. New symbols drop into place, on the spots where dynamite sticks existed before, and hopefully you will have a new paying combo formed as a result. Prizes vary between 40x and 200x, for three to five dynamite sticks.


Gopher a Dig Feature

The Gopher symbol might not pay you a lot of money directly, but get a combo formed with it and you also get access to a click me feature called “Gopher a Dig”. You get to make some choices from among the symbols indicated to you, and that will get you some instant prizes.


Gold Rush Bonus Game

The Gold Rush announcement, calling all the miners that want to get rich, will act as scatter symbols, so it doesn’t matter in what position they appear on the screen. As long as you have the required minimum of three Gold Rush announcements, you get inside the bonus game. You click on the various rocks, and if you find gold under them then you will find that you will be handsomely rewarded.


Betting options and jackpots

The value of the prizes you will get in a slot machine will depend on the kind of bet you make inside. In this case, you are allowed to use a bet of up to 5 coins for each of the paylines offered. With denominations being in the $0.02 to $1 range, you get line bets of up to $5, with a maximum bet of $150.

The best prize the game has to offer you is worth 500x the line wager, so $2,500 is the biggest amount you will take home from a single combo. It feels like a game with so many riches on the screen should offer a bit more than that.

Design and symbols

The action in Gold Diggers takes place inside a gold mine, with metal braced wooden beams supporting the mine’s ceiling and with symbols on the reels being mostly related to gold mining and those that do it. The sexy blonde is one exception, a different type of gold digger, using her looks as her tool of choice. Like it’s always the case with the BetSoft 3D slots, this one will also impress you with its graphics.

Symbols: Dynamite (explosive symbol, 200x), Gopher (bonus, 30x), Gold Rush Announcement (scatter), Bearded Miner (500x), Skinny Miner (400x), Blonde Girl (300x), Metal Barrels (150x), Oil Lamp (125x), Mining Cart (100x), Pickaxe (75x) and Gold Pan (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game looks just as fun as any of the other 3D slots, but its list of features is not as exciting as you might be used to, if you’ve played BetSoft’s titles before. It doesn’t offer significantly higher prizes, despite the disappointing list of features. It remains a game you will have a lot of fun with, just not one that will make you rich.

Gold Diggers can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.