Gypsy Rose Slots

Gypsy-RoseGypsy Rose is one of BetSoft’s slot machines and the hero in it is a cute fortune teller, a gypsy girl named Rose. You can see the girl on the left side of the reels, with her crystal ball in front and ready to tell you what your future holds. The action takes place in the gypsy caravan, and the wagon in which the girl lives is used as support for the set of reels. The game has seen a lot of work put into it, and as you will discover it has quite a few things for you to do.

The 5 reels from Gypsy Rose give you 30 bet lines that you can select. BetSoft placed a prize inside that goes up to $5,000, not a huge amount for a slot machine. Still, they’ve placed about five different features inside, with wild symbols, free spins and bonus games all contributing to the fun factor.

Features of Gypsy Rose

There is no shortage of features in Gypsy Rose, but they don’t try to be average and the same as in every other modern slot machine. Instead, you mostly trigger its bonus games by having three types of symbols on the right reels, as you will discover below. The wild symbol gives you something extra as well.

Speaking of the wild, it’s represented by a playing card that has Wild written on its back, and it’s a symbol that will get you some interesting prizes, top jackpot included. You get the wild symbol only on the 1st and 5th reels. Besides the two reels that can get wilds on their own, you also get an additional chance of extra wilds on the reels. Whenever the 1st and 5th reels host wilds at the same time, and those wilds are on the paylines 1, 2 or 3, you will notice the Rose character throwing some extra wilds on the game’s reels. One of the four magical elements in the game will become wild at that point. This is how you can get to a payline occupied with 5 wilds, and take home the big prize. Not exactly an easy thing to do, but at least the option is there.


The rest of the features consist in bonus games, each one doing something different for you. The way to trigger them is simple enough. The game requires a Crystal Ball symbol to be on an active line, with two identical magic symbols on the reels 2 and 4 and adjacent to it. Depending on the type of magical symbol you get, you can trigger one of the four bonus games available. The four magic symbols are the Love Potion, Crow, Gypsy and Magic Book.

Love Potion Free Spins

Getting the Love Potion magic symbol on the 2nd and 4th reels, while Crystal Ball is on the 3rd reel, will trigger it. This bonus game will give you free spins, plus the Wild Card Magic feature is easier to trigger, not requiring for the wilds to be on the first three paylines anymore.


Crow Wild and Re-spin

The two matching symbols needed for it have to be the ones with a Crow on it. If that happens, you will find the Crow symbols turning into wilds and then one free re-spin will start. The crow wilds will remain in place for that re-spin, while the rest of the symbols will change.

Magic Book Instant Win

This bonus game is easier to figure out than the others. You’re going to receive an instant cash prize, whenever you have the Magic Book symbols on both sides of the Crystal Ball. The prize offered is up to 20x the bet.


Tarot Card Bonus Game

The last of the four bonus games that get triggered when the Crystal Ball has two matching symbols on reels 2 and 4 is the one that requires the presence of the Gypsy girl. The tarot card game that comes next asks you to pick 7 cards, and that will give you a score where both the characters and the colors will contribute.

There are five types of cards, each one available in red, blue and green. The prizes are based on how many colors of the same type you get, or how many identical cards. Each possibility gives you a multiplier to use on the total bet. For example, getting all five green cards will award you a prize worth 6x the bet, to which you might add 10x the bet for getting all three cards with the princess on it. You have 7 picks to make, from 15 available cards.


Betting options and jackpots

If you look at the bottom left corner of the screen, you will find the three betting options you can work with. The coin denomination is first, with its limits being $0.02 to $1. The number of lines is next, between 1 and 30. The last one is the Bet Per Line, where you can use a maximum of 5 coins. Those that can afford it can invest up to $150 on a single spin.

A $5,000 top jackpot awaits you in the game, through a combo of wild symbols that doesn’t sound too easy to get. It’s the equivalent of 5,000 coins, or a 1,000x line bet multiple, so its value depends on your own bet during that round.

Design and symbols

The slot machine gives you the inside of a gypsy camp, with Rose sitting next to her wagon, with a crystal ball in front. The design is top notch, as good as any of the titles from the 3D Slots series. It’s 3D, it’s colorful, there is a ton of details built into each symbol and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Symbols: Wild Card (wild, 1,000x), Love Potion (bonus, 300x), Gypsy Girl (bonus, 240x), Magic Book (bonus, 180x), Crow (bonus, 150x), Ace (90x), King (90x), Queen (45x), Jack (45x) and 10 (45x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Gypsy Rose can be a lot of fun, it has a decent number of features and a superb design. Even though it’s not giving you the kind of prize that will make you rich, I’d still recommend you give it a chance.

The Gypsy Rose slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.