HellRaiser Slots

HellRaiser-paytableHellRaiser is an unusual slot machine from BetSoft, one of those titles where you’re not really sure where to begin and what they’re all about. BetSoft seems to have tried to experiment quite a bit in this game, which is perfect if you’re a bit bored and you’re looking for something new to try out. The theme is based on hell, but it’s got a fairly decent amount of classic symbols inside.

There are 4 reels in HellRaiser, and they have only 5 paylines on them. It’s considered a classic slot from BetSoft, with no modern features, and with its prizes only reaching about $200.

Features of HellRaiser

The features available in HellRaiser depend a lot on the wager that you’re making in that round. Each bet (of 1, 5, 10 or 20 coins) will get you something different.

The Hold Reels option is one of the features offered even for a 1 coin bet. Once the reels spin once, you receive the option to keep one or more reels in place for the next round, with the same symbols as in the first one. The other reels will spin in the meantime, and hopefully if you’ve chosen correctly you will get more paying combinations out of it.

Hellraiser Mode

This is an option that is offered to players that make larger bets, of at least 5 coins. Triggering it is possible if you have at least three bat symbols on a payline, starting either from the right or the left of the screen. Payouts of up to 100 coins are awarded, plus you get access to the HellRaiser mode. You receive a number of credits from it, up to 200 of them, and you will be able to see them in the special Hellraiser meter.

Each symbol you get in a combo will offer you either 100 or 200 extra credits. Depending on how many coins you used, you receive a number of tokens with devils on them, at the beginning of the round. It’s two tokens for 5 or 10 coin bets, with four tokens offered for 20 coin bets. The appearance of a devil on the game reels will reduce the number of tokens, while a winning combo will refresh the number of tokens up to 2 or 4. Once you finish all your devil tokens, the HellRaiser Mode will be done.

Betting options and jackpots

The coin denomination is fixed at $1 in this game, so the one thing you can change is the number of coins used. There are four bets possible, where you use $1, $5, $10 or $20 for one spin. Each bet has its own section on the paytable, plus its own features to offer.

With a 20 coin bet, you can expect to win up to 200 coins for a winning combination, meaning up to $200.

Design and symbols

Though it’s a classic, it’s not the usual kind. You get four reels instead of three, and they are placed at the top, occupying a small portion of the screen. It has information from the paytable on both sides, while the lower half of the screen is taken by paytable info as well. The Hell inspired theme is not bad, with flames visible behind the paytable and with one cute devil symbol used for its reels. It doesn’t go beyond that and the fire logo though, as the rest of the game is a classic with lots of different fruits for the other icons.

Symbols: Devil (200x), Watermelon (120x), Black Cherries (120x), Strawberries (80x), Blueberry (80x), Orange (40x), Lemon (40x and Cherries (40x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It might feel like an old game if you just look at the information about the number of reels and paylines, but take it for a spin or two and you will see that it’s anything but a classic. HellRaiser definitely deserves a chance, it tries hard to keep you entertained and it does a pretty good job at it.

HellRaiser can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.