Invaders Slots

InvadersInvaders is a an alien themed game from BetSoft, a modern title that brings forward the possibility that little green aliens might one day come and try to invade our planet. The game has flying saucers, it has little green men that come from the Red Planet (Mars), it’s got a little bit of everything. It’s obviously a game that tries to be funny, and luckily it succeeds and it will manage to put a smile on a lot of faces.

With 5 reels and 20 lines, Invaders feels like an average modern slot, and the same impression is maintained once you look at its features. They include the typical mix of multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds. The top jackpot is quite good, at least for what BetSoft usually offers, and you can win up to $5,000 inside.

Features of Invaders

“Invaders” doesn’t try to innovate in any way, but it does make the effort to include as many features as possible, at least for variety if not for the actual quality. You’re not going to be impressed with how good or profitable the features are, but hopefully they will appear often enough to make them useful.

The newspaper symbol, called The Wild Times and featuring a title called “Aliens Invade!!”, will act as a wild. Whenever you get a newspaper on one of the paylines, with a few other identical symbols nearby, it will take the role of the necessary symbol and a new combination will be formed with its assistance. It only substitutes for the regular symbols, so it will not do that for the scatter, multiplier or bonus icons.

Another interesting feature is the asteroid scatter. Its only role is to trigger certain cash prizes, whenever a minimum of three identical symbols are part of the game, in any position. The multiplier of its prize is 50x to 250x the line bet, when you have three to five scatters.

The display with the word Initiate on it acts as a multiplier feature. It will give you up to 50x the win on an active payline.

The Invaders bonus game is the fourth and last feature they offer. Access to it is done through three scattered symbols that have a flying saucer hovering above a house at night.


Betting options and jackpots

Invaders gives you the option to select a maximum of 100 coins/$100 for a single spin bet, where the 20 lines get up to 5 coins each. The $1 value of the coin is the maximum amount allowed, while the minimum is at $0.02.

You will find the top prize to be a decent return on your investment, since it’s worth $5,000 and you need to spend only $100 per spin to get it. You obviously will need a bit of luck on your side, to get exactly the combo you need.

Design and symbols

Invaders aims to look cute, and succeeds quite easily at it. The green one eyed aliens are the stars here, and its all about them. You don’t even get to see a human in the game. There is a lot of green in the design, with lasers being used for the borders separating the reels. It’s an alien design alright, or at least how we would imagine one.

Symbols: Newspaper (wild), Asteroid (scatter, 250x), Initiate Display (multiplier, Flying Saucer over House (bonus scatter), Flying Saucer (1,000x), Green Alien (500x), Two Green Aliens (200x), Area 51 (100x), Crop Circles (50x), Red Planet (25x) and Planet with Rings (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s cute, it’s got a decent number of features (though not high quality ones) and an average payout. You should give it a few spins if you want a cute game to enjoy yourself on, just don’t expect it to be the game that will help you get rich.

The Invaders slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.