Jackpot 2000 Slots

jackpot2000-paytableJackpot 2000 is one of BetSoft’s classic games, a slot machine with a smaller number of reels, with few paylines and with a theme that focuses quite a bit on old style symbols. That means using fruits, bells, stars and jockers in this case. There isn’t much to say about it, other than to mention that it tries to mimic the look of an old slot machine.

This 3 reel classic slots gives you 5 paylines and through them you can get prizes of up to $10,000. The game doesn’t have any regular features inside, but there is on Mystery Credits feature that you can take advantage of.

Features of Jackpot 2000

A true classic slot will do as few things to stand out as possible. Jackpot 2000 is no different, as it gives you no special symbols to work with. The only one that might qualify as a feature is called Mystery Credits. It requires the presence of two jocker symbols on a payline, and if they do appear, you get a random prize that varies between 40 and 10,000 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

The game is a bit unusual with its betting system. It gives you the option to use 1, 2, 4, 6 or 10 coins. The use of one coin will get you only regular prizes, without the big prize. 2 to 10 coins will get you the big prize, with a value that varies depending on how many were used. There is a huge difference between the use of 10 vs 6 or fewer coins, so always use the maximum number. Coins have values between $0.02 and $1, with the maximum bet being $10.

There are 10,000 credits offered by the game, which would mean an equivalent amount of dollars, as long as $1 coins were used inside and there are 10 of them in the wager.

Design and symbols

The theme and general choice of symbols doesn’t bring anything new, but the actual design isn’t too dated. The symbols and the graphics look detailed, colorful and crisp. You shouldn’t have a problem spinning the reels of this game, it makes it easy for its players to enjoy its classic content.

Symbols: Joker (10,000 coins), Star (100 coins), Golden Bell (80 coins), Purple Cherries (60 coins), Lemon (30 coins) and Cherries (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Getting a $10,000 prize through a $10 bet is not a bad proposition, plus you get the Mystery Credits option as well, which can match the jackpot if you have a lot of luck. It’s a good slot for someone that prefers games to be simpler.

This Jackpot 2000 slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.