Madder Scientist Slots

Madder-ScientistMadder Scientist continues from where Mad Scientist left off, another BetSoft game that looks just as good as this one. They’re both 3D Slots and as such you can rest assured that they have stunning graphics and that they’re going to be filled with feature symbols and bonus games. The same mad scientist from the first game has returned, only here he does indeed look even madder than before, he has an attractive female assistant and a pet rabbit has entered the scene as well. His goal is the same as before, to turn regular objects into gold, and he achieves in his tests.

Madder Scientist has the standard number of paylines for a 3D Slot from BetSoft, meaning 30 total. It’s a 5 reel game, that grants prizes of up to $2,500, not a huge amount when you consider that it can turn regular objects into solid gold ones. The respin feature is an important one in this game, but so are the free games, bonus rounds, scatters and wild symbols.

Features of Madder Scientist

If there is one thing that you will learn about 3D Slots, is that BetSoft will not offer any titles in this category without at least three or four different features inside. Madder Scientist is special because it introduces the Respin option for the five reels, plus it manages to offer a variety of other features that can be just as fun.

Wild Switches

This is the name of one of the features offered inside. The switch symbol is responsible for triggering it, requiring three of these objects to be scattered around the reels during the same spin. When you get them, you activate the Wild Switches feature. Inside, you will find that a reel will turn into a wild, and it will remain so for a certain number of spins.

Click Me Feature

The Beaker symbol, the one with a green substance inside, will only be present on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. When you have it on all three reels, you get the Click Me feature. You pick one of the three beakers, and you find out what your prize it. The game ends when you get the Collect message.


Bonus Round

The Carrot symbol is the one that gets you the alchemy round, where you assist the mad scientist in mixing up the concoction with which he tries to make a carrot turn to gold (just like in the intro movie). The Carrot is a scatter, so as long as you have three of them on the reels, it doesn’t matter where exactly they’ve appeared.


Respin Reels

This is a very interesting feature, and one that I haven’t seen before at BetSoft. After each spin of the reels, you will notice five buttons appearing under the five reels, and they’re all marked “respin”. This feature allows you to keep the other reels in their present position, and then respin only the one you want. For example, if you have a Mad Scientist symbol on reels 1 and 3, you can respin the 2nd reel, in the hopes that it will appear there as well and help you form a 3 symbol combo (which would pay 200x). If you get that additional Mad Scientist, you can then respin the 4th reel, trying to get that symbol on the fourth position of the payline, and hopefully getting 250x this time. Each respin you do will cost you though, and it will be more expensive if there is a chance for a better paying combo.


Betting options and jackpots

Madder Scientist bases its betting system on the 30 paylines available, offering the option to select 1 to 5 coins for each one that you activate. The denomination of a coin is in the range of $0.02 to $1, making the top bet be worth $150.

The slot’s best payout is a 500x multiple of the line bet, which stands at $5. The result is up to $2,500 offered through regular combinations of symbols (five Mad Scientists required for the jackpot).

Design and symbols

The slot’s action takes place in the same lab as before, with the high tech equipment surrounding the reels, while various beakers and test tubes are on a table in front of them. The symbols have improved somewhat, not just because there is a cute assistant on them, but because there aren’t as many electricity symbols around anymore. The mad scientist looks truly mad right now, while before he looked like a calm and polite old man.

Symbols: Switch (wild reel), Green Beaker (scatter), Carrot (scatter), Mad Scientist (500x), Assistant (500x), Rabbit (400x), Electricity (300x), Microscope (200x), Test Tubes (100x), Substance Under Microscope (75x) and Danger Sign (40x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Madder Scientist is one of BetSoft’s better slot machines. Its design has a lot to do with it, but the respin feature where you choose what reels should spin again makes this a game truly worth playing

This Madder Scientist slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.