Mermaid’s Pearl Slots

Mermaid's-Pearl-paytableMermaid’s Pearl gives you a BetSoft classic title, a slot machine that has only three reels, but which tries to put as much fun in it as possible. It’s mermaid themed, so you will find the pretty girl in a bikini and with a fish tale as she stands right next to the logo and the paytable area, at the top of the screen. It’s a tropical inspired design, with a beautiful clear blue sky, with fish, palm trees and the ocean visible all around.

The 3 reels of Mermaid’s Pearl have 5 paylines on them. The game’s $1,000 jackpot is one thing that will make you come back, but so is the wild symbol that acts as the only feature the slot has to give you.

Features of Mermaid’s Pearl

You shouldn’t expect any important features from a classic slot, as the originals didn’t have them either. That’s why it’s always a nice surprise to see a wild symbol offered in one of them. This is the case here, though plenty of other classics will give you only the experience of a pub slot and nothing else.

The pearl is the one that acts in the wild role, a symbol that is capable of taking the place of another symbol, when a different one is needed in that exact same position as the one where the wild is located. The wild will substitute for that other symbol, and a new combo will be formed, meaning a prize for the player that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Betting options and jackpots

Mermaid’s Pearl doesn’t make it too difficult for players to get onboard with it, with the largest wager only getting up to $5, where it uses 5 coins of $1 each. Those that want to, can select a smaller number of coins, but that will reduce the number of active paylines. As you will learn below, it’s a good idea to always use 5 coins, even if you have to reduce the denomination to just $0.02.

Normally, the top payout offered will be worth only 750 coins to you, but if you’ve selected all 5 coins for the wager, the prize will be 1000 coins instead. That means $1,000 instead of $750, so just in case you win the top prize, make sure you use 5 coin wagers at all times.

Design and symbols

The tropical theme is pleasant enough, but the design is a bit retro style. Some might enjoy that, especially since it’s a bright and colorful slot, but players with a taste for the modern look will not have as much fun with it. You will see palm trees and beaches behind the reels, with the ocean and the island in the distance shown behind the paytable.

Symbols: Pearl (wild, 1,000x), Fish (100x), Starfish (50x), Palm Tree (25x), Triple Bar (20x), Double Bar (10x) and Single Bar (5x).

Is It Worth Playing?

Mermaid’s Pearl doesn’t stand out in a significant way, but it remains one of the more pleasant designed games I’ve seen in the classic category. It’s also quite cheap to play, so you have every reason to spin its reels a few times and see if you enjoy it.

The Mermaid’s Pearl slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.