More Gold Diggin’ Slots

More-Gold-Diggin'More Gold Diggin’ is one of the few slots from BetSoft that is part of a series. This is the second title that brings forward the same characters, the gold diggers. It’s a 3D slot, just like its predecessor, but I’d have to say that it doesn’t offer the same quality of design as the first game. The three characters are two regular miners and one sexy blonde that is another kind of gold digger. The setting is the same gold mine, where you see the reels and the gold mining equipment in which it is encased, while the two miners sit on both sides.

It’s a 5 reel slot machine that has 25 paylines, and it doesn’t seem to be a 3D slot, the way other games from BetSoft are classified. It has a bigger than average jackpot, worth $62,500, while its long list of features gives you multipliers, bonus games, free games, scatter symbols and wilds.

Features of More Gold Diggin’

It’s one of those BetSoft slots where you don’t really get a chance to get bored. It’s got a little bit of everything, so it’s a surprise that it manages to offer prizes as big as it does. The multipliers are big favorites as always, especially since they are offered both in free spins and the base game.

The wild is one of the easier to explain features in this case, showing you a few sticks of dynamite. It gets to substitute for other symbols, assisting you in forming more winning combinations as you play the game.

Free Spins Feature

Getting those free games requires that you have the TNT barrel on the first three reels of the slot. When you have this scatter symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3, you will enter the free games mode. All wins from the spins mode benefit from a 3x multiplier, and this applies to the exploding symbols multiplier as well.

Exploding Symbols Multiplier

One of the things you will get a kick out of during this game’s spins is the exploding symbols feature. Whenever you get a paying combination of symbols, they will explode and will leave their place to a new set of symbols, plus the multiplier will go up. If the symbols coming down form their own combo, they benefit from the increased multiplier and they explode as well, leaving their place for the next ones. The multiplier keeps going up each time, ending at 5x. Even better, if you get the free spins, the exploding symbols multiplier varies between 3x and 15x, instead of 1x to 5x.


Betting options and jackpots

With 25 paylines on the game’s 5 reels, there is the option to select as many as you like, and then to use as many coins as you can afford (the maximum limit for a line is 5 coins). The 125 coins bet will be valued between $2.50 and $125, since the denomination is between $0.02 and $1.

You should find the payouts in More Gold Diggin to be better than in the majority of the games offered by BetSoft, at least at this level of quality. The multipliers help it quite a bit in this regard, taking the initial 2,500x multiple to 12,500x during the base game, or up to $62,500. If you consider the 15x multipliers of the free spins, that big prize will go as high as $187,500.

Design and symbols

The design looks almost as good as the one from the first title of the series, but the choice of symbols ruins it for me. Instead of getting symbols that you can understand and enjoy, the game uses various metals and substances as representatives, in shapes that try to fill the square shape of the symbol.

Symbols: Dynamite (wild), TNT Barrel (scatter), Diamond (2,500x), Gold (1,000x), Silver (500x), Oil (200x), Bronze (100x), Ruby (75x) and Emeralds (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you had to choose between More Gold Diggin and the previous game in the series, I’d go with this one for the bigger prizes and the multipliers, but if you’re looking for entertainment and even better graphics, then the first one would be a better choice.

You will find More Gold Diggin’ at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.