Once Upon A Time Slots

Once-Upon-A-TimeIn Once Upon a Time, you will find a fantasy story themed game, with characters taken directly out of legends and Medieval life, with knights, princesses and heroes, with Excalibur, goblins and adventure, all packed into this 3D Slot from BetSoft. The Medieval theme seems to be a favorite for many, a period that sounds more romantic than it actually was. The developers have added to it a dash of fantasy, the presence of a goblin and a dragon being the ones that provide that part.

You get 30 paylines on 5 reels in Once Upon a Time, a standard layout for a game of this type. With wild reels, free games and multiple bonus rounds, the slot feels like it should be plenty of fun. It’s got some help from the top jackpot, which will put up to $2,500 in your pocket.

Features of Once Upon A Time

If there is one thing you can always count on when it comes to BetSoft’s 3D games is that they’re going to not only look great, but will also give you a decent range of features and options.

The Green Dragon symbol doesn’t look as scary as it does in other stories, but it’s the kind that you’re always going to be happy to see show up. The reason is its ability to turn entire reels into wilds. It can appear on reel 3, and when it does this on the 1st position (at the top), you will see the dragon come to life and start breathing fire towards the symbols beneath it. The entire reel turns into a wild, and hopefully this will help you get some great winning combinations formed. It doesn’t substitute for a number of special feature icons, like the goblin, fire starter, the knight or the treasure.

How She Loved The Knight

The first three paylines are going to be the ones you need to pay the most attention to. Getting both the princess and the knight symbols next to each other, on one of the first three paylines, will trigger a bonus game with instant wins, called How She Loved the Knight.


Those Crazy Goblins

If you see an image of a pair of goblins as they’re coming out through a door placed in a tree stump, you just found the Tree House symbol. The presence of three Tree House icons on the same active line will get you the bonus round “Those Crazy Goblins”. It’s a bonus round that awards you cash prizes (60 credits) and free spins.

Greedy Goblins Click Me

The sack of gold is another trigger you can get in this slot, and it’s another bonus round that you can win with its assistance. Three of these scatter icons are required to get you the feature called “Greedy Goblins Repeating Click Me”. As long as you don’t find a prize that has the word Collect next to it, you can keep clicking on sacks of gold and get prizes from each one.


Goblin’s Treasure Bonus Round

The green goblin seems to be mostly interested in stealing gold items in this game, and that’s what you will notice him doing in the symbol that triggers the Goblin’s Treasure bonus game. It’s not a scatter, so you need the three symbols to be on the same active line, on the first three reels.

Save the Princess Bonus Round

The final feature is the one where the dragon kidnaps the princess and puts her in a cage. Three Knight symbols are needed to save her, and all of them need to be on an active line.

Betting options and jackpots

You will find that pretty much every slot from BetSoft that is considered 3D will require a maximum bet per round of $150. Each time, you are allowed to use fewer lines or coins if you feel that it is necessary, with denominations going from $1 to $0.02. For a chance at a decent payout, it’s going to be a good idea to use a maximum wager during each round.

With no multipliers or progressive jackpots offered inside, the only major payout you can expect is a 500x multiple, or a maximum of $2,500. The upside is that the next symbols on the paytable offer you an amount that is close to what the jackpot gives you, so you get a chance at a decent prize all the time.

Design and symbols

The fairytale that the slot is built around involves greedy goblins, green dragons, a kidnapped princess and the valiant knight that comes to her aid. It’s got a little bit of everything inside, and it should make for a great story. Furthermore, some of the best designers from BetSoft worked on it and it shows in the way the game looks and in the amount of animations included.

Symbols: Dragon (wild reel), Tree House (bonus), Sack of Gold (scatter), Goblin (bonus), Knight (bonus), Princess (500x), Treasure (400x), Trumpet Player (300x), Food (250x), Excalibur Sword (200x), Catapult (150x), Axe (100x) and Heraldry Shield (80x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As is usually the case with this kind of game from BetSoft, the answer is definitely a “Yes”. The average payout of a winning combo is pretty good, you have loads of features and bonus games, plus an outstanding design.

This Once Upon A Time slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.