Puppy Love Slots

Puppy-LovePuppy Love’s message is a strong one, as this action in this BetSoft game revolves around a pet store. It’s called “Puppy Love” and they have puppies for sale, all adorable, yet deeply unhappy and in search for a home of their own. This colorful slot has a beautiful design, which only makes the cute puppies pop out. Dog adoption is something that everyone should consider if they want to get a new dog, especially if puppies are available (some don’t want to start directly with an adult dog). I suggest you give it a chance, but in the meantime try Puppy Love and its cute graphics.

You will get a total of 25 bet lines in Puppy Love, all placed on the standard 5 reels. It’s got prizes that could be considered impressive by BetSoft standards, with a maximum value of $50,000. As for the list of helpful symbols, the wild and the scatter make the list, as well as a multiplier offered through the former. A bonus game revolving around the Puppy Store element is also part of it.

Features of Puppy Love

Puppy Love has some interesting features for its fans, all standard options that you can get in most slot machines. They didn’t let them be just basic features with no bite, so you actually get something you can enjoy.

The first would be the Dog Collar wild, with a red band and a Puppy Love inscribed name tag on it. The wild symbol doubles all the winning combinations that it takes part in, though it obviously doesn’t apply to its own prizes. It can give you up to 10,000x what you invested, as long as you have up to five wilds on the same active line. You will notice that a wild will not assist you with the Dog Bowl or the Sign symbols, both special features.

Dog Bowl would be the second important feature in Puppy Love, used as a scatter that gives you considerable prizes whenever it’s around in multiple positions. Due to the scatter’s particular abilities, it’s not necessary for it to be present on certain lines, so as long as you have enough of them in any position you’re going to get paid. The prizes go up to 4,000x. On top of that, you get free spins out of it as well.

The Puppies for Sale Sign gets you the bonus round that takes place in the Puppy Store. A minimum of two bonus symbols will be enough to get you access to it, and they have to be on the same active line.


Free Games Feature

The same Dog Bowl scatter that awards prizes will also get you the free spins. You receive 15 free games whenever you have 3+ Dog Bowls in any position in the game. The wins are all doubled for the duration of the free games.

Betting options and jackpots

You will find the betting system to be an average one, that gives you the option to play with multiple aspects of the wager, from the number of lines that should be selected, to the number of coins for each one (up to 5) and their denomination (up to $1). With 100 coins used, the maximum bet will be at $100.

The 10,000x multiple of the line bet, which the wild symbol will award, is pretty incredible, especially for BetSoft. With 5 coins used on each active line, that means up to 50,000 coins ($50,000) for the top jackpot.

Design and symbols

One of the game’s biggest advantages is the cute graphics. It’s helped by the presence on the reels of multiple puppies, and they look cute, sad and in need of a family. The Puppy Love store is right behind the reels, colored in green and red. The entire game is colorful actually, with strong colors and with a 3D design that you will appreciate.

Symbols: Dog Collar (wild, 10,000x), Dog Bowl (scatter, 4,000x), Sign (bonus), Dog House (1,000x), Yellow Puppy (300x), Black Puppy (300x), Bulldog (200x), Sad Puppy (200x), Big Eared Puppy (100x), and Puppy in Blue (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Whether you want to get a new dog or not, Puppy Love gives you these pets in what is their best period (at least for some people), when they’re just pups and they always want to play with you. It’s got some impressive prizes, plus a good range of features, and all things considered I’d recommend you try it out.

Puppy Love can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.