Royal Reels Slots

Royal-ReelsRoyal Reels is one of the designs offered by the developers from BetSoft, and it actually does look like a royal inspired slot machine. There is an impressive amount of red velvet and gold adorned graphics in it, with symbols being of two kinds, either royalty or classic slot inspired. Royalty has been a fascinating topic for a lot of people, and it’s been like this for a very long time. For that reason, and because Royal Reels is such a beautifully designed game, I’m sure it will have a lot of fans.

You get the slot’s 30 paylines arranged on 5 reels, a standard setup that BetSoft relies on quite often. The $2,500 that are on the line in Royal Reels might not sound like an attractive payout, but when you consider the presence of a wild along with two different bonus games, you might want to reconsider that.

Features of Royal Reels

You don’t get a lot of the usual big features in the game, but the wild symbol gets multiple bonus games as company, and each one can give you a nice boost in earnings.

There is only one situation where the wild symbol gives you a prize in this game, and that’s when you have the entire line occupied by this symbol (the diamond). The Diamond wild will give you a 500x multiplier if that happens (the top jackpot), but in every other situation it prefers to help another symbol form its own combo. It does this through its substitution ability, only useful if the wild actually is located on a payline where there are a few matching symbols already.

The King’s Crown is one of the bonus symbols you can rely on for an extra payout. A three symbol minimum is required, and they all have to be on the same line and starting from the leftmost position. When the minimum requirement is met, the bonus game begins.

The Gemstones (blue, white and green) are also bonus symbols, and they have a similar way of activating the bonus game as the King’s Crown. With 3+ consecutive symbols on a line, you will get a feature where you have to click on one of them to get a prize.


Betting options and jackpots

The presence of 30 lines in this game means that you need to place a bet of at least 30 coins, if you want them all active. You do have the option to select multiple coins per line, so the bets go to 150 coins if you want a better payout. With the value of a coin going up to $1, that means a $150 wager when it’s at its maximum level.

The 500x line bet multiple that you get from a five wild combo is the top jackpot in this case. You only get up to $2,500 out of it, so it’s not the kind of game where you should expect to get rich playing it.

Design and symbols

The combination of red velvet and gold is gorgeous, at least it works very well for this game. The royal look is certainly achieved, with red being used mostly at the top and the bottom, while the white marble reels have stone pillars between them, with gold decorating them on all sides. Even the payline numbers are made out of this precious metal. The presence of the playing cards doesn’t help the game though, even as intricate as they’ve been made in this case.

Symbols: Diamond (wild, 500x), Gold Crown (bonus), Gemstones (bonus), Ace (300x), King (200x), Queen (100x), Jack (75x), 10 (40x), Cherries (20x) and Plums (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Royal Reels is a gorgeous game, but you can’t play a slot machine because of that alone, not in the long run at least. Give it a few spins, but since it doesn’t have a lot of features or big payouts, I doubt it will keep you interested for long.

You will find Royal Reels at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.