Safari Sam Slots

Safari-SamSafari Sam is both the name of a slot machine from BetSoft and that of the main character that plays host inside it. Sam is an English gentleman that has travelled to Africa to do a bit of hunting. The only one standing in his way is Jane, a funny native girl that does her best to prevent him from hurting the animals. The gorgeous African savanna is the place where all the action takes place, with Sam sitting on one side of the reels and from time to time enduring the hilarious attacks from Jane.

As most 3D Slots from BetSoft do, this one also has 5 reels and a total of 30 paylines to offer. The game’s scatter symbols, free games, bonus rounds, multipliers and wilds all make it a favorite for players, but the prizes help in that regard as well. You can win a maximum of $2,500 in the base game, but the multipliers take it to $25,000.

Features of Safari Sam

There is a huge collection of bonus games and other features in Safari Sam, a sign that developers wanted to make this title one you would remember for a long time. The mix gives you a little bit of everything, so you can take advantage of scatter and wild symbols, multipliers and free games, plus at least one bonus round.

One of the first things you should learn about Safari Sam is that it’s got multipliers, but you can’t trigger them yourself. Instead, they appear at random, and they give you either 10x, 5x, 3x or 2x the usual prize for a combo.

The scatter symbol is another popular addition to any game, as they are capable of triggering prizes and they do it from any position they might be in. You don’t need three to five of them on a line, you just need them present somewhere. The prizes in this case go from 90x to 300x.

Wild Animal Free Spins

With three types of animals (Zebra, Monkey and Gorilla) all on the 1st payline and in consecutive order, you’re going to receive access to a feature called Wild Animal Free Spins. You then get to pick one of the three and it will be used as a wild with a x2 multiplier, for the duration of the free games.


Stacked Collapsing Wilds

Those activating all the paylines with their bets will get a chance at an additional feature, called Stacked Collapsing Wilds. To trigger it, you need three identical symbols on the same reel. If that happens, you get a prize worth 10x the line bet. Next, the three symbols will collapse into the one from the bottom of the reel. The two spots left empty will be occupied by new symbols and hopefully that will trigger an extra winning combo. You can get this feature only during the base game and you can’t trigger other features through the new symbols that come in to replace the collapsed icons.


Bonus Round

Safari Sam is the one that appears on the symbol triggering this bonus round. When you get the minimum of three Sam symbols on the reels, the bonus game starts up and you are asked to help him find a location from where he can watch the animals. You first choose the map location, then you choose the place where he can watch from, and you do this until you find the Collect message.


Betting options and jackpots

A 30 bet line game from BetSoft will allow you to use anywhere from 30 to 150 coins when all the lines are selected. The individual denomination of a coin starts at just $0.02, with the option to increase it to $1. You will find that there is a maximum bet of $150 possible inside, not an amount that everyone can afford using for a single spin.

Sam is the one that gives you the top jackpot and with five symbols you can win a 500x multiple of the line bet you’ve made. That translates into a $2,500 prize, but with the random wild’s multiplier getting involved it could go up to $25,000.

Design and symbols

3D Slots tend to look pretty awesome, and Safari Sam is no exception. You will find the reels placed between two trees in the middle of the African savanna, with grass all around them and with a small pond used to host the betting options. Sam sits right next to these reels and Jane makes an appearance from time to time as well, teasing and mocking poor Sam. You’re going to find 3D symbols on the reels, each one with an exquisite amount of detail put into it.

Symbols: Random Wild (wild), Tree (scatter, 300x), Sam With Binoculars (scatter bonus), Sam with monocle (500x), Jane (300x), Lion (100x), Gorilla (50x), Zebra (50x), Monkey (50x), Tent (25x), Jeep (25x) and Sam Sleeping (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Safari Sam has a lot to offer, from the many features included, to the gorgeous design and the theme that takes the African wildlife and brings it to your screen. Even the prize has a better potential than in other slots from BetSoft, reaching a value of $25,000 when multipliers from a wild are involved.

Safari Sam can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.