Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar-PopThe action in Sugar Pop relies heavily on sweets, the theme bringing with it a very colorful and fun atmosphere that you’re sure to love. Designed by Betsoft, Sugar Pop is not an entirely unusual slot machine, and there are actually quite a few games already out there that offer the same type of experience. The entire world appears to be designed out of sweets, so you have lollipops used as flowers, cotton candy instead of clouds, and so on.

This unusual game doesn’t have paylines or ways to win, but it still offers 5 reels and each one has five symbols on it. The game gives you various multipliers, special candy symbols and wilds. The payouts depend on how many matching symbols are part of the combo, and each one brings up to 100x the line bet.

Features of Sugar Pop

The game’s way of forming combinations is one major feature to look at, along with the special candies which unlock the various levels. There are a lot of those special candies, and they can appear on their own or they can be created when certain combinations of symbols are made.

The normal payouts of Sugar Pop are obtained with the help of regular Candy symbols, which appear in groups of at least three. They have to touch on at least one side in order for them to be part of the same group. When this does happen, the candy pops. The spots formerly occupied by that candy combo will be taken over by new candy, with a chance that another combo will form and you will get its rewards without having to pay for another spin.

Special Candy

The slot offers multiple types of Special Candy, which will have various effects on the game.

Super Color is one example of such a feature, where you need four pieces of Candy of the same color in order to create a combo. A Super Color symbol is formed when this happens, and it will have a matching color. This new symbol can be part of other combinations in the next spin, and if that does happen, a 2x multiplier will be applied to the win.

Color Bomb is another potential symbol that you can get, this time when a minimum of five pieces of candy that have the same color are next to each other. If this symbol manages to be part of another combo as part of the same spin, then all the symbols of this color will explode, no matter where they are on the reels.

As you level up in this game (more on that below), you can activate other types of special candy, which can appear on the reels and have a certain effect on the game.


At level 1, you have the Lollipop symbol, which gives you a second chance if there are no wins that round, bringing new candy on the screen. Caramel Chew appears during level 2 for the first time, taking a random path across the reels and crushing symbols it goes over. White Chocolate is a symbol which appears from the 4th level and up, and its appearance will make it shoot almonds, making candy explode and bringing you prizes. With the Gumdrop, other types of candy will be sucked up by it, after which it will explode. A Jawbreaker also crushes other types of candy, after launching itself from its starting position. A Candy Cane will make symbols explode if they’re on the same column or row as it is. With Jelly Beans, you get between 1 and 5 of these sweets that fly off and land on random symbols, making them explode. Chocolate is a symbol which makes the symbols around it to explode, in a 3×3 pattern. Cotton Candy forms up a tornado, which will bring you lots of wins. The final type of special candy, which is reserved for level 21 or higher, is the one with the Peanut Butter Cup, which gives you a second chance at some wins, if there are none that round.

Level Up

The chance to level up comes to you when you get enough points on the meter (found on the right side of the screen). Special candy is unlocked as you advance through the levels of the game. Five different worlds exist here, with a total of 30 levels in them.

Betting options and jackpots

The bets that the game lets you place inside require between 50 and 250 coins, depending on how high you want to take the so called line bet. You use 1 to 5 coins per line, the denominations for them ranging from $0.02 to $1. That’s a line bet of $5 at most, with $250 being the maximum possible for all of the lines.

Regular symbols will give back up to 100 times the line bet, for each symbol that is part of the combo. With a five symbol combo, the payout would be at 500x the line bet for example.

Design and symbols

The game is incredibly detailed and well thought out, showing you a world where everything is made out of candy. From the clouds to the trees, everywhere you look you see a world which looks very girlish, due to the color of the clouds for the most part, which are pink. The set of reels has a 5×5 layout, so there are a lot of chances for those candy symbols to be next to each other and form a combination.


Symbols: Candy Cane (special candy), Cotton Candy (special candy), Jelly Beans (special candy), Caramel Chew (special candy), Gumdrop (special candy), Peanut Butter Cup (special candy), Lollipop (special candy), Chocolate (special candy), Jawbreaker (special candy), White Chocolate (special candy), Red Candy (100x per symbol), Blue Candy (75x), Green Candy (60x), Yellow Candy (50x), Orange Candy (40x), Pink Candy (20x) and Purple Candy (30x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very unusual game, but also quite fun to play if you can get past the amount of pink used in its design. The features and the different way in which combinations are formed are the ones that are truly fun here.

Sugar Pop can be found at any Betsoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.