The Bees Slots

The-BeesThe Bees is one of the more childish looking slots from BetSoft, and that’s something they don’t usually go for. The theme here is based on bees and honey, but the actual style of design is the one that makes me say that it’s childish. One of the more important parts of the ecosystem, bees help with pollination and their disappearance would be a disaster for our planet. These little insects are associated with hard workers, and for good reason.

It doesn’t just look like an older game, it actually feels like one as well. Its 5 reels get only 9 paylines, a rather low number that you mostly see in older slot machines. You will find a jackpot of $2,500 inside, and as far as features are concerned, in that area you will find scatter symbols, bonus games and wilds.

Features of The Bees

You get a couple of good features in The Bees. That means access to a scatter or wild, along with the bonus game. All of them are standard features, so there isn’t anything new inside.

The Honey Jar has the word Scatter written on its side, and that’s exactly what you get from it. The scatter ability allows it to offer rewards when there are a couple of symbols like this in any position. While the presence of two Honey Jars will get you a 50 credit payout, additional ones will increase the prize to 100 credits for three symbols, 250 for four and 500 credits for five scatters.

The Green Field with bees flying over it will take the other major role, that of the wild. The typical role of a wild is that of a substituting symbol, which means a better chance at forming a winning combo during each round, but not a guarantee. In the long run, the presence of a wild will give you more prizes, but only when helping out regular symbols. It does not have the capability of substituting for a special feature symbol.

The bonus game doesn’t have its own symbol to trigger it, so instead it relies on a certain sequence of regulars that need to appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. To start the bonus round, you need the Male Bee on the 2nd reel, the game logo on the 3rd and the Female Bee on the 4th reel.

Betting options and jackpots

Those interested in getting a maximum chance at the top jackpot will want to use the full 45 coins bet, with $1 coins. If you can’t afford to play with that amount, there are three ways to get the bet down to a manageable size. One would be the use of fewer lines, but I don’t recommend it. The other two would be the use of fewer coins per line (1 to 5 possible) and a smaller denomination (minimum is $0.02).

The scatter symbol awards the big prize in this slot. The presence of five randomly located symbols will reward you with a 500x multiple, or up to 2,500 coins. That’s $2,500 that you can win, as long as the denomination of the bet’s coins was at $1.

Design and symbols

The theme choice is alright, bees can make for a cool subject for a slot, but the actual design is dated and it gives you the impression that it’s from some children’s book. There aren’t that many details built into them and they’re definitely not 3D designs, like so many other BetSoft creations are.

Symbols: Wild (wild), Honey Jar (scatter, 500x), The Bees Logo (300x), Male Bee (30x), Female Bee (100x), Bee Hive (50x), Pink Flower (30x), Orange Flower (12x) and Red Flower (8x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The answer would be “not really”. The design is not attractive, the prize is small and there are only a couple of basic features inside.

This The Bees slot is offered by all online casinos with BetSoft software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.