The Slotfather Slots

The-SlotfatherThe Slotfather is one of BetSoft’s 3D Slots, a game that you will undoubtedly enjoy, especially if you’re a fan of old mafia movies. That’s exactly what this title tries to do, to put you in the middle of the action, which takes place sometime in the 20’s or 30’s, the period of the prohibition. The Slotfather tries to rule the underworld and he seems to be placing his slot machines throughout the city, and you’re going to help him in at least one bonus game.

With scatter symbols, bonus rounds and free spins, The Slotfather should prove to be an interesting experience. The theme gives it a lot of help in that regard, and it’s something many people will want to experience because of it. You get up to $1,000 in prizes through regular combinations, an amount that doesn’t impress anyone, and which is on the low side even for 3D Slots.

Features of The Slotfather

You will probably find this game to be entertaining enough, mostly because of the way it is built and its graphics, with some help coming from the features. You get instant prizes, bonus games, scatters and free spins.

Fat Tony is considered a scatter symbol of the game, but the weird part is that it has to occupy multiple positions on the same payline. Though the symbols don’t have to start from the left or form a combo, that’s still a limitation that doesn’t make it a true scatter. You can win 50 to 300 credits, when you have 3 to 5 Fat Tony symbols. A bonus is won if you have 3 Fat Tonys, plus two matching symbols with either Sammy, Frankie, the car of the money.


Sneaky Instant Win

This instant win feature has Sammy Quickfingers as its hero, a symbol that has to appear on either the right or the left side of a briefcase filled with cash. On top of that, this has to happen on the first three paylines. The bonus game that gets triggered as a result will give you Sammy in action, as he’s grabbing money from the briefcase and awards it to you.


Multiplier Mob Free Spins

Frankie The Fixer is a symbol that you can rely on not just for the top jackpot, but also for the free spins feature. The requirement is for Frankie to be beside a Tommy Gun on one of the first 3 paylines. Your prize will be a round of up to 10 free spins, with multipliers going up to 3x.

Bonus Round

The Godfather (aka Slotsfather in this case), is a bonus symbol that will get you into the bonus game. The minimum number of three matching symbols need to be on the same active line, the result being a bonus game where you pick one of six locations where a slot machine should be placed.

Betting options and jackpots

BetSoft seems to have a preference for not only using a total of 30 lines, but also allowing individual line wagers to vary between $0.02 and $5. A line bet is composed of up to 5 coins, where denominations get from $0.02 to $1. With 30 lines in a game, you can end up with a $150 wager.

A 200x multiple is not exactly a dream come true, but that’s all the game will offer, and at $1,000 this is a prize that the slotfather would be ashamed with. It’s pretty standard for 3D slots though, and they make up for it with their graphics and rich feature offerings.

Design and symbols

The mafia themed design looks appealing, and it’s based on the old kind of mafia, which means different kinds of graphics. The reels are encased in beautifully carved wood, which is one of the clues that let you know that this is a bit of a retro design. The Tommy Gun that is used as a Spin button only cements that impression. You’re getting multiple shady characters among its symbols, the Slotfather being one of them.

Symbols: Slotfather (bonus), Fat Tony (bonus), Frankie Da Fixer (200x), Sammie Quickfingers (180x), Briefcase with money (160x), Car (150x), Whine Bottle (120x), Hand with ring (100x), Tommy Gun (100x), Pasta Dinner (80x), Map of Italy (60x), Cigar (60x) and Newspaper (40x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Mafia games can be quite entertaining, so I always give them a chance. In this case, I’m glad I did, as The Slotfather is worth your time. Keep in mind though, with a top prize of only $1,000, this is not the game to go after if you have high hopes for getting rich.

The Slotfather can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.