The Tipsy Tourist Slots

The-Tipsy-TouristBetsoft is the company behind The Tipsy Tourist, a slot machine which tells you all about the wonderful holiday that a guy has. The location is the usual tropical island that is usually the setting for such an adventure. You have lots of cocktails (hence the tipsy part), beautiful beaches, the ocean and even some attractive ladies to make everything better. Though tropical vacation slots exist in plenty of other collections, The Tipsy Tourist is especially well done, not to mention the fact that it has the kind of design that you would only see in slot machines released in recent years.

20 bet lines are used on the 5 reels that The Tipsy Tourist holds. Drinking bonus rounds, free spins, scatters and wilds will all work to make this a fun game. Prizes reach a top value of just $1,750 though.

Features of The Tipsy Tourist

If you give this game a chance, you will discover that it offers you scatter symbols, free spins, wilds that are clingy and bonus games.

The wild symbol’s image is that of a sign that says “Party Beach Wild”. This symbol is going to make an appearance only on the last four reels, so it will not be capable of forming up its own combinations of symbols. However, it will be more than capable of substituting for other symbols, helping them create their own combos. It will not be able to do that with the Red Cup or the Beach Ball feature symbols.

Drinking Bonus Round

With the Red Cup symbol appearing in scattered positions on the first three reels, you will be able to trigger the Drinking Bonus Round. It’s a guessing game, where you have to pick the correct result of a coin flip, before it happens. If you guess correctly, the opponent is the one that has to drink. If it’s an incorrect guess, you drink up. The bonus round ends when one of the two contestants drinks three cups.


Free Games Feature

Activating this particular feature is done in pretty much the same way as in every other slot machine which offers it. You need the scatter symbol to be present in three locations, but only three, since only the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels can accommodate this symbol.


The reward will consist in 8 free spins, which you can retrigger as you use them up, with the same three symbols. The games benefit from Clingy Wilds, meaning that whenever a wild symbol appears it will remain locked in place until the completion of the free spins. If you’re really lucky, there could be quite a few such wilds in the last couple of spins.

Betting options and jackpots

Three different sections should be considered when the bets are made in this game. You have the coin value first, which reaches only a $1 value, followed by the number of lines and the number of coins per line. The bet per line uses up to 5 coins, so $5 at most. With 20 lines selected, bets can be up to $100.

The tipsy tourist himself awards the big prize in this case, which has a top value of $1,750 (350x the line bet).

Design and symbols

The design is clearly one of the best parts about this particular holiday themed slot machine. There are not only lots of details, but the slot’s design is in 3D, so you don’t get just the side view when it comes to symbols or even the background graphics. Speaking of the background graphics, you have the tipsy tourist right next to the reels, making dance moves from time to time, and just keeping you company. The beautiful ocean and the lounge chairs and surfboards are all visible in the background as well.


Symbols: Beach Ball (scatter), Party Beach Sign (wild), Red Cup (scatter), Tipsy Tourist (350x), Blonde Woman (200x), Tickets to Miami (150x), Sea Shells (150x), Ace (75x), King (75x), Queen (50x), Jack (25x) and 10 (25x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The graphics and the features work together to make this a memorable game, but the effect is somewhat ruined by the payouts, which are on the low side, especially for a game with only 20 paylines.

The The Tipsy Tourist slot machine is offered through the Betsoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.