Three Wishes Slots

Three-WishesThree Wishes gets its name from the well known story with the Genie that comes out of the lamp. He gives the one that rubbed the lamp and released him a total of three wishes that he would grant. It’s the kind of slot machine that focuses on treasures, with the design having a powerful Arabic influence, since this is one of their stories. It’s also one of the 3D Slots from BetSoft, which typically means a superb design and an impressive range of features.

The bets you get to make in this slot, and they tend to be big ones, will give you rewards of up to $2,500. Though the amount isn’t that big, the number of features available improves your odds of getting paid well. Free spins, wild symbols, scatters and multiple bonus rounds all conspire to make this game a must play title. You will notice that it uses a layout with 5 reels/30 lines, standard for this type of game.

Features of Three Wishes

The feature richness of the BetSoft slots is a big reason why they’re so popular, though the design is obviously a bid advantage as well. Three Wishes got a lot of great features inside, as expected since it has so high betting requirements.

The wild symbol is one of the base features, something you will find in the vast majority of the modern slot machines. It often awards the top jackpot, which is the case here as well. The Carpet symbol, acting as the wild, gives you up to 250x cash prizes, plus if it shows up on the 1st reel it triggers a bonus round called Magic Carpet.

Magic Carpet Feature

This bonus game needs the wild symbol with the Carpet on the 1st reel, in any position. You will find that the carpet flies away from the 1st reel and goes towards the right side of the screen. The icons it passes over will be squished and they will give you bonus credits. You can’t get this feature if you’re in the free spins mode.

Monkey Click Me Crazy Feature

The Monkey is another bonus symbol, but it’s not a scatter. Instead, you need this bonus icon in a very specific position, on the 2nd spot of the 3rd reel. If it appears there, four Click Me buttons will surround it. You can keep clicking on these four until you either get the Collect message, or until you run out of them. The monkey jumps on the symbols you choose, shakes them up and reveals what’s behind them.


Free Spins Feature

The free spins get started when the Treasure Chest scatter is present a minimum of three times. You get more games for free if there are more scatters present, so you start at 5 spins if you get the minimum required, and then you go to 10 spins for four Treasure Chests and to 20 spins for five.


Genie Bonus Round

The Lamp, an image that anyone can recognize by now, as it is associated with the Genie story, is a bonus symbol in Three Wishes. You need it to show up on the same active line at least three times and the bonus game will start.

You are asked to click on the lamp, which will release the Genie and give you 6 wishes that you can pick from. You can pick Long Life, Wisdom, Travel, Everlasting Love, Fame or Wealth. Pick one and get your reward!


Betting options and jackpots

Three Wishes is one of BetSoft’s more expensive slot machines. While every other modern slot they offer requires only a maximum of 5 coins per line, in this case as many as 10 can be used. This takes the maximum bet to 300 coins/$300, instead of the usual $150. Each coin has a value that you decide, as long as it is in the $0.02 to $1 range. You can also use fewer coins per line, or even fewer lines, so the one that has changed is mostly the maximum bet. The game remains accessible, as long as you are willing to go for smaller prizes that appear often.

Speaking of the prizes, BetSoft sacrifices the top jackpot and instead gives the player a constant stream of winning combinations. You seem to get low paying combinations all the time, so chances are that you’re not going to lose your money too quickly, unless you’re really unlucky. The top prize is a 250x line bet multiple, or up to $2,500.

Design and symbols

The story with the Genie and the wishes is one where treasures are involved, so it’s no surprise that the background image gives you an entire room filled with gold coins and jewelry. All these riches are reflected in the symbols as well, along with a number of Arabic inspired images. The gold color is used pretty much everywhere, with the borders and the surrounding decorations using this metal and with the Spin word being written in gold letters on a red pillow.

Symbols: Carpet (wild, 250x), Monkey (bonus), Treasure Chest (scatter), Lamp (bonus), Jasmine (200x), Camel (160x), Gold Bricks (120x), Swords (100x), Crystal Ball (80x), Ruby (60x), Fruit Bowl (40x) and Basket (20x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Despite the rather high betting requirements, Three Wishes is a slot machine you will want to try out. Use smaller wagers if you have to, but play it and enjoy its rewards. As a 3D Slot, it’s a great game and I love the bonus round where you pick a wish that will be granted.

The Three Wishes slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.