Treasure Room Slots

Treasure-RoomIn Treasure Room you can expect to find a lot of gold and jewelry, the typical contents of any room where riches are stored. The game was created by BetSoft and the theme it relies on is indicated by the name. It’s all about the luxury and riches in this game, while the exact origins of the treasures are unknown, but they seem to be coming from the times of the Roman Empire, as suggested by the presence of helmets and swords among the symbols.

There are 5 reels in Treasure Room, with up to 20 selectable bet lines on them. The bet of up to 5,000 coins is one reason to play it, but a better one is the progressive jackpot that you can win if you use the maximum bet. Bonus symbols, scatters and wilds are all part of the game and they’re plenty of fun.

Features of Treasure Room

If the idea of winning a progressive jackpot is not enough to convince you to play it, know that you will also find inside a number of special symbols, with wild, scatter or bonus round abilities.

The easiest one to explain is the wild, represented by a Compass and giving you more winning combinations in the long run. The wild has the ability to substitute for other symbols, meaning that you can form a combo with wilds and matching symbols of another type, instead of needing only the original icons on that line. It makes the game a bit more profitable, so I’m glad they’ve used it.

A scatter symbol would be the one with the hand print in the middle of an old calendar wheel. The ability of the scatter is to award prizes and trigger bonus rounds with nothing but some symbols that are located anywhere on the same payline. Though in other games you need them to just be present, here they all seem to be required on the same line. The bonus game that gets triggered with 3+ symbols gives you 3 doors to choose from, each one with its rare stone. You can keep picking doors until you have all three gems collected.


Sword and Shield Instant Bonus

The Sword and Shield is another symbol that you need to appear at least three times. With 3 to 5 of these bonus symbols, you can get another bonus game, one where you make picks from among the swords and the shields, resulting in prizes of up to 5,000 credits.


Betting options and jackpots

Those looking at Treasure Room will find that it’s a game with a fairly normal betting range, at least for BetSoft, where the minimum you can wager is $0.02, the equivalent of one coin at its smallest value. The highest wager is at $100, where you would find 100 coins being used, 5 of them for each payline and a denomination of $1.

A 1,000x multiplier for the line bet is the jackpot that is on the line in Treasure Room, but that’s not the only prize that is available. The second one, and the one with an even better potential, would be the progressive jackpot. It’s winnable through the same symbols that award the 1,000x multiple, but if you’re using the maximum bet you get the progressive prize instead.


Design and symbols

The design feels somewhat dated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a pleasure to play on. There are huge treasures spread around on the floor of Treasure Room, and it should be a fun game if you enjoy that kind of visuals. The actual theme seems to be inspired by the treasures of the Roman Empire, at least if we take into account the Roman helmet that is used for one of the symbols, or the sword and shield available in another.

Symbols: Treasure Chest (1,000x or progressive jackpot), Compass (wild), Sword and Shield (bonus), Hand Dial (bonus), Diamonds (500x), Gold Coins (400x), Helmet (300x), Emerald Ring (200x), Blue Globe (100x), Treasure Map (50x) and Hourglass (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Players that give Treasure Room a chance will find that it’s a game that might look a bit dated, but which has a popular theme and is influenced by ancient civilizations. Feature wise, it does OK, but it’s not going to win any prizes.

You will find Treasure Room at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.