Tycoons Slots

TycoonsIn Tycoons, players will find an oil tycoon themed slot machine, with a group of rich people around a poker table and playing the game for some seriously high stakes. Besides presenting the player with the characters, the so called tycoons, you also get a glimpse into their lifestyle and the riches they surround themselves with. From the mansion, to the stacks of gold bars, the cash bills or the red sports cars, you get a lot of reasons to want to be in their shoes.

The typical 3D slot from BetSoft has 5 reels and 30 lines, so that’s exactly what Tycoons offers you as well. You get payouts of up to $5,000, but even better than that, there is a progressive jackpot inside that should be a good reason to play it. Free spins, wild reels and various bonus rounds make up the collection of features available.

Features of Tycoons

You will probably believe that Tycoons is not as fun to play as other games, at least if you look at the list of options and features. You’d probably be wrong with your first impression, as the game gives you free spins with wild reels and multipliers inside, even though the base game might not benefit from them. Bonus games are the icing on the cake, making it a truly great choice.

Free Games Feature

The four characters that are considered tycoons are going to trigger free spins for you, but only in certain situations. You will notice that some symbols get a small “fs” sign in the bottom right corner. Get a combo with three matching tycoons, that all have the “fs” sign on them, and the free spins will be yours.

These free spins have a wild reel for the duration (either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel), plus whenever you get combinations with characters in them, the payout doubles through a multiplier.


Instant Credit Click Me!

The three symbols that represent the wealth of these characters, meaning the gold bars, the cash and the check, will be the ones that can give you access to this instant credit click me feature. All three symbols need to appear in consecutive order on one of the first three paylines, in order to trigger the bonus game. If they do, you get to click on a symbol and win an instant prize.

Bonus Round

In the final feature that we’ll cover, you’re going to see the tycoons take part in a poker game. All four are at the table, and you can get it started by receiving 3+ Card symbols. You are asked to pick one of the tycoons, in an attempt to guess who will come out the winner. Your prize size depends on the choice you make, so choose carefully.


Betting options and jackpots

BetSoft insists on using the same number of paylines and the same betting style in most of its better slot machines, focusing instead on other aspects like the design and the entertainment value. They did the same here, so you will find the same 30 lines, the same 1 to 5 coins usable per payline and the denomination that varies between $0.02 and $1. You can end up with a $150 bet if you want to, but if you don’t mind the smaller prizes you can also use a reduced bet.

You’re going to find that the progressive jackpot will be the one you’re really after in this slot. You can get it with the help of five briefcases on a line at maximum bet. Otherwise, you can go for the top jackpot, the 1,000x multiple ($5,000), available through four different symbols.

Design and symbols

Tycoons focuses on those that made fortunes out of the exploitation of oil. We’re not talking just about rich Arab princes here, though at least one is part of the symbols, but also about the rich families of the western world, which seem to be better represented. A huge mansion is the support used for the reels, with a red Ferrari sports car parked in the front and a fountain that seems to be using oil instead of water. It’s a 3D game, well done, and the message that it’s trying to convey is about the luxury that these characters have to endure.

Symbols: Suitcase (progressive jackpot), Cards (scatter), Tycoon with Glasses (1,000x), Tycoon Woman (1,000x), Arab Tycoon (1,000x), Tycoon with moustache (1,000x), Gold Bars (300x), Cash (300x), Check (300x), Ferrari (150x), Laptop (150x) and Champagne (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Just like every other 3D slot from BetSoft, Tycoons has seen a lot of work put into it and it shows that some very talented people created it. The progressive jackpot makes it a must play title though, as it is one of the few games from BetSoft that has one.

You will find Tycoons at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.