Under The Bed Slots

Under-The-BedUnder The Bed is one of BetSoft’s high quality slot machines, a so called 3D Slot. It’s got a theme that shows us a pair of frightened kids and four monsters that are trying to scare them. If you’ve seen the Pixar animation movie “Monsters”, you will know exactly how this game looks like and feels like, even though it’s not built directly around it. Instead, it borrows the idea and you see the two kids next to the reels, with monsters peaking from above and hiding quickly when they’re in danger of being seen.

The bed’s side has 5 reels mounted on it, plus 30 lines that can be formed on them. With bonus games, free spins, scatters and wilds all present inside, I’m sure you will find the motivation to give this title a try. If the features didn’t help, the $2,500 top prize attempts to convince you, but I’m not sure how much of a help it can be at that size.

Features of Under The Bed

If there is one thing I love about BetSoft’s modern games, is the sheer quantity of features it offers in each one. There are a number of developers out there that put out great looking slots these days, but they don’t manage to make their games this entertaining.

You will notice that some of the symbols appearing in this game have a special rim around them. The four monsters that appear as regular paying symbols can each form a combo of at least three matching icons, and if there is that rim around them you get the sticky wild feature to activate. Next, you will find that the rimmed symbol flips over and reveals a wild with a number on it. You get that wild symbol for as many spins as the number indicates.


The Bed’s role in Under The Bed is that of the scatter symbol. You will find out that its prizes are offered to any player that has at least three Beds on the screen, no matter what their exact position is. Make that happen, and the result will be a bonus round, where the two kids, Jesse and Jane, fight the monsters that are hiding under the bed.


Free Spins Mode

Under the Bed has a free spins mode as well, where 12 rounds are offered and you don’t have to make any investment in it for as long as they’re running. The middle position on the 3rd reel needs to be occupied by the Door symbol, if you want to get access to this feature.


Betting options and jackpots

When you look at what Under The Bed requires of you, you will probably not be that happy, especially once you find out what their best prizes are. The bets are composed of up to 150 coins, used on the 30 paylines included. The 5 coins that constitute the maximum line bet have up to $1 values, while the minimum is as always at $0.02. You can end up with a $150 bet per spin, and just as easily you can reduce that amount considerably if you’re not willing to spend that much.

Some games go all out with their top jackpot, while neglecting the payouts of their smaller combinations, but this slot goes a different way. Instead, they are using smaller top payouts and bigger average prizes. As an example, the second best paying symbol in the game will give you 80% of the amount offered by the first one (500x, or up to $2,500).

Design and symbols

The Monsters inspired theme puts the two kids in their bedroom at night, with monsters coming out of the closet to scare them. You will find quite a few monsters on its reels, definitely outnumbering the poor kids. The reels look like they are next to the bed, and you can see at the top the blanket that covers one corner. You also get the two small kids on the right side, with one of the monsters popping out from time to time.

Symbols: Bed (scatter), Door (bonus), Girl (500x), Boy (400x), Parents Legs (300x), Cyclops Monster (300x), Orange Octopus Monster (200x), Green Monster (100x), Furry Monster (75x), Lamp (50x) and Open Window (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I for one enjoyed both the Monsters movie and this similar slot machine. The entertainment value is high enough inside and the features are interesting, but the prize is as usual on the low side. Compared with the other 3D slots, this title is as good as any of them.

Under The Bed can be found at any BetSoft casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.