Viking Age Slots

Viking-AgeViking Age is a BetSoft slot machine that gets its inspiration from the mighty warriors of Nordic origins, hard people that led lives of warriors and sailors. They were feared by the European countries that their longboats could reach, but that’s not what this game is about. Instead, the story told is about a boat full of Vikings that reaches the shore of some island that has a huge volcano on it. They explore the island and eventually reach a temple, as told by the intro movie. The design does have that temple as support, but most of the symbols and the characters are Viking inspired.

There are 5 reels & 30 lines inside, a classic BetSoft choice that is used in the vast majority of their modern games. As far as features are concerned, the developers added enough of them inside, including bonus rounds, free spins and scatters.

Features of Viking Age

You can always count on these games being full of great features, which as always is a nice bonus since they’re already fun because of the graphics and animations used. The free spins round, the scatters and the bonus games are the ones selected for Viking Age.

Runestone Doors

The maiden’s helmet, red and with small wings placed on its sides, serves as a bonus symbol that needs to appear 3+ times in the game. The Runestone Doors feature gets triggered with its help. During the bonus game, you give Amma some help with a decision on the symbol that should be picked. The reward for it is either free spins, instant prizes or a bonus game.


Multiplier Free Spins

Amma, the redheaded warrior maiden, is one of the more attractive aspects of the game and since she’s also a trigger for a free spins round, I’m twice as happy to see her appear. As usual, the requirement is for 3+ Amma symbols to be present, and if that happens, the Multiplier Free Spins round begins. You will notice that the two pillars of stone that are on the left and right side reveal three multiplier numbers each. If a winning combo has the same multiplier at its beginning and its end, the payout benefits from it. It’s not a guaranteed multiplier, but it’s still a good chance at some better prizes. The multipliers go from 2x to 5x.


Arm Wrestling Bonus Round

The two huge warriors that accompany Amma on her adventures appear to enjoy a bit of arm wrestling and showing off. The arm wrestling symbol is the one that allows you to see which one is stronger, by triggering a bonus round. Three to five symbols will give you the bonus game, where you need to pick the winner and then witness the result of the confrontation.


Betting options and jackpots

A 30 bet line slot machine from BetSoft, Viking Age provides you with the option to vary your wager according to your budget. That means being able to select all 30 lines with individual bets consisting in a single $0.02 coin, or using up to 5 of them at $1. The full betting range is $0.02 to $150.

You’re not going to be impressed by how big the prizes offered inside are. The 300x line bet multiple means that you can expect up to $1,500 from a single combination, though the free spins multipliers might be able to improve them considerably.

Design and symbols

There is a certain type of look that Viking inspired slots tend to have, of a land that is barren and of ships that are braving the stormy seas. Here you get something different though, a lush green view of a forest, with carved stone used to support the reels on all sides, plus a couple of warriors. The beautiful redhead maiden sits next to the reels at all times and gesticulates or reads a map, urging you to spin the reels when you’re taking too long.

Symbols: Helmet (bonus), Redhead Maiden (scatter), Arm Wrestling (scatter), Blonde Warrior (300x), Redhead Warrior (250x), Longboat (200x), Axe (150x), Gold Crown (125x), Red Building (100x), Stone Totem (75x) and Round Shield (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Viking theme is cool enough on its own, and the developers have done a great job at showing us the adventures that this group of warriors goes through. The various bonus games and free spins you get out of it will make it even more fun, but as usual the prizes tend to be disappointing.

The Viking Age slot machine is offered through the BetSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.