WhoSpunIt Slots

WhoSpunItA mystery themed game, WhoSpunIt is the kind of slot where you get to play detective, gathering clues and going from regular to detective mode, advancing through levels and matching or collecting various types of clues along the way. The ultimate goal is solving the murder that took place in a house, and everyone present is a suspect! It’s a typical mystery, found in various crime novels, including those that had Sherlock Holmes as the hero.

WhoSpunIt gives the player a standard set of 5 reels and there is just as an average number of 30 lines on them. The designer of this slot is called BetSoft, a company known for its gorgeous designs and feature rich titles. In this case, these consist in free spins, scatters and a series of bonus games where you get to solve the murder. A $10,000 prize is on the line, and it’s one of the better looking payouts from the BetSoft portfolio.

Features of WhoSpunIt

This part of the game seems to have gotten some extra attention from the developers. Besides the usual special symbols that you get in other titles, you also have a detective mode, triggered after a fixed amount of time. You collect clues along the way and for those that enjoy a good mystery novel once in a while, it should be an exciting slot machine.

The first thing you learn once the game loads is that there is a countdown timer that will start as soon as you click Spin for the first time. The countdown starts from the 5 minutes mark, and once it is done you will enter Detective mode. During those 5 minutes, each spin you make has the potential of bringing you a clue spin. These are collected, and then used during Detective Mode. Maximizing this feature is possible by spinning the reels as many times as possible during those 5 minutes, so that you can gather more clue spins.

These clue spins are accumulated through small gold coins with question marks on them, appearing in the bottom left corner of regular icons. You can see how many you’ve got so far by looking next to the coin denomination option, bottom left corner of the screen. These coins aren’t just collected; they also award a payout worth the equivalent of the total bet, plus the free clue spin that is collected for a later date.


Clue Collection Reels

Once you go through the initial 5 minutes of gameplay, you get access to Clue Collection reels, a feature with three levels. The levels are called Murder Weapon, Murder Location and Culprit Clue. Each one has its own symbols, which will form winning combinations with at least three matching images. The prizes for these combinations consist in 20x to 300x the line bet, plus 1 to 3 clue points. You collect these clues during each level, allowing you to advance in the quest to solve the murder.

The Murder Location level consists in symbols with a Gazebo, Dining Room, Study Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. The Murder Weapon has symbols with poison, a knife, a noose, a gun and a wrench. Finally, the clues concerning the culprit are part of the 3rd level, where you find images of a cigarette, a duster, a stethoscope, a watch and spilled tea.


Bonus Round

Going through all three levels of the clue collection will unlock the chance to win a bonus game for you. You need to finish all the levels of the Clue Collection bonus round, to be able to access this part of the game. You still need to get the Evidence symbol to appear on the 2nd position of the 3rd reel, but the great news is that the spins are free until you manage to get Evidence on that position, starting from the point when you’ve finished the 3rd level of Clue Collection.

The bonus round allows you to choose who the murderer is and then you can interrogate him for some extra payouts.

When the Evidence symbol appears anywhere else, it acts as a scatter and gives you prizes. They go up to 600x the line bet for five scatters, with the minimum required being two scatters and offering 60x the line bet.


Free Spins Mode

If all the great stuff I’ve mentioned already wasn’t enough, there is one more impressive feature you can enjoy. It’s the free spins mode, requiring that the five characters each appear on one of the reels of the game during the same round. You get 10 spins out of it, with the suspect selection giving you a certain advantage.

Choosing the Maid will reward you with twice the number of spins, 20 instead of 10, plus a 3x multiplier. Pick the Doctor, and you get 10 spins plus 1 to 5 random wilds. The Mansion Owner gives you 10 spins with 3x multipliers and with combinations formed both from the right and the left side. The Beautiful Woman has huge multipliers, of 6x, with the same 10 spins. The Butler doesn’t have a multiplier, but the 10 spins he offers always have a random wild reel.

The wild symbol is going to be the one that gives you the big prize, a 2,000x line wager multiple, as long as you occupy an entire payline with it.


Betting options and jackpots

WhoSpunIt tends to get quite expensive if you’re interested in maximizing both the odds of getting paid and the value of those prizes. You can end up with a $150 bet per spin, an amount that would cover all the paylines with $5 bets. Coins start at just $0.02 though, so you can reduce the wager dramatically if you feel it’s necessary. The maximum coin denomination is set to $1.

There are all sorts of interesting prizes and combinations you can take advantage of, but the one that you will want the most is the 2,000x top jackpot, meaning up to $10,000 in your pocket. There are many other prizes that vary between $1,500 and $5,000, so overall it’s a pretty decent game.

Design and symbols

This mystery themed slot deals with a group of people that are suspects in a murder. It takes place at some sort of party in a mansion, like so many other mystery stories do, and you will find on the reels all the characters that are part of it, from the rich playboy, to beautiful women, doctors, servants and butlers. The method used in the murder is poison. It’s a superb design, in a game split into three different levels that you advance through as you collect coins and get rewards with prizes.

Symbols: Clue Symbols (300x), Evidence (scatter, 600x), Wild (2,000x), Body (1,000x), Mansion Owner (600x), Beautiful Woman (600x), Doctor (360x), Butler (360x), Maid (360x), Wall Safe (270x), Evidence Wall (210x) and Magnifier Glass (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

WhoSpunIt is probably the most sophisticated slot machine that BetSoft has created so far, and that’s saying a lot for them. It has a boatload of features, a stunning design and it’s a game that you absolutely must try.

You will find WhoSpunIt at any online casino which chooses to use software from BetSoft, playable either for free or for real money.