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A Review Of 2014’s Best Online Slots

The year of 2014 was a good one for online video slots development and release, with many new titles appearing on the market and the skills of the artists and programmers coming to the fore, as we saw some interesting and unique titles join the online gaming world collection.

Particularly of benefit to players has been the pushing of boundaries that some of the software providers have undertaken, with movie like animated introductions and storylines, original background and reel displays, and out of the box thinking in regards to Bonus Games, Wild Features and the like.

Today we have made a short list of some 2014’s best releases which not only turned heads, but also garnered more than their fair share of new fans throughout the year.


Based on the Alien/s movie franchise which gained mainstream popularity through Director and Producer James Cameron’s famed 1986 film of the same name, Net Entertainment’s Aliens continued the trend of borrowing from well-known popular culture touchstones with this release, and this trend is indeed reflected in the list compiled here today.

Cosmic Fortune

A fine example of the progress online slots made throughout the year, NetEnt continued their hot streak with the Cosmic Fortune game. The slot gained a following through well rendered graphics and innovate Bonus Game play which lead to 1 of its famed 5 Jackpots.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was the hot popular culture ticket item of 2014, so it seems only fit that Microgaming would get in on the action as well. By featuring the games much loathed and loved characters on the reels, the game was destined to inherit a legion of fans.

Jurassic Park

An enduring classic of the TV screen, Jurassic Park was released by the team at Microgaming and steadily grew in popularity. Smartly modelled on Steven Spielberg’s famed 1993 flick, the game design of this slot was solid and any machine that offers 243 ways to win is always going to find some support.

South Park Reel Chaos

With the success of NetEnt’s first South Park slot came the opportunity to provide a sequel in the form of South Park Reel Chaos. South Park’s graphics have always been a strong element no matter what the platform, and the transfer of this element to the reels was a sure and natural fit. The addition of 4 mini-features was also never going to disappoint.

Terminator 2

James Cameron once again got the nod from game developers and this time it was Microgaming which decided to tackle one of his projects. The epic battle between Arnie’s T-800 and the menacing T-1000 was on display here, as lifted directly from the storyline of the second movie in the franchise.