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  • Akamon Entertainment Releases Two New Slots Titles

Akamon Entertainment Releases Two New Slots Titles

Akamon Entertainment, the mobile and online social games developer and operator, has announced the addition of two more slots titles to their casino gaming portfolio.

The two new slots titles are called Dragon Egg and Wild Blooms, and they will join Akamon’s catalogue which now consists of over 40 gaming titles.

Akamon Entertainment

Akamon Entertainment is a social games developer and operator that is headquartered in Barcelona and has representation in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Venezuela.

As such they have a heavy focus on the Latin American and Southern European gaming markets, which they operate within utilising their local presence along with mobile and online platforms such as Facebook.

Akamon Entertainment’s New Slot – Dragon Egg

Akamon’s new Dragon Egg slot features a 4 x 6 reel grid with a guaranteed stack on each spin that Multiplies by X2 or X3.

The game was developed by Akamon’s Tel Aviv, Israel team, and is available now through mobile, online and social gaming platforms.

Akamon Entertainment’s New Slot – Wild Blooms

Akamon’s new Wild Blooms slot is considered a step up by the operator, with advanced graphics, mathematics and mechanics all being applied and an in-game Multiplier the can pay out at up to X15.

Produced in conjunction with a number of Akamon’s development studios, Wild Blooms has just been launched through Akamon’s VIVA! Slots & Bingo gaming app.

Comment From Akamon Entertainment

Upon the release of the two new Akamon slots titles, Alex Cohen, who acts in the position of CPO at Akamon Entertainment, paid tribute to the team at Akamon who have co-operated with flexibility to see these games delivered promptly to the online casino gaming market.

Mr Cohen also mentioned that he believes that Akamon are now employing best practice standards across a number of areas, and that Akamon are at the stage where they can develop and release more than one new slot title every month going forward.