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Big Name In Australian Gambling Makes A Move

One of Australia’s most well-known gambling identities, and a member of a family dynasty that has been at the forefront of Australian life for a number of decades, James Packer, appears set to make a major move within the Australian online gambling scene that is sure to shake up and stir up a few things and a few people.

Mr Packer plans to put the indifferent experience he had with his 10 year Beftair Australia venture behind him, with some machinations underway aimed at producing a new, significant force in the online Australian gaming and gambling scene.

Historically the Packer family has never liked to play second fiddle, and it would appear that James will not rest until he has made his way to the top of the online gambling tree in every sphere available to him in his home born country.

How It Is Going Down

Mr Packer’s Crown Resorts has realigned itself and made an agreement with BetEasy, which is helmed by bookmaker Matthew Tripp, and the duo’s aim is to unsettle the online gaming establishment of Australia and take top position.

Crown Resort will have a major 67% stake in the newly formed venture, which will see Betfair and BetEasy merge in to one.

To set things off in the right direction with the new venture, Mr Packer first took things into his own hands and bought out Betfair Australia in its entirety for a price tag said to be around the $10 million dollar mark.

With total ownership of Betfair Australia comes total ownership of their customer database list, which Mr Packer will be bringing with him to the new venture, ensuring that they the new entity starts its assault with one foot already on the playing field.

It’s About Australia! And The New Guy

Mr Packer gave the Australian flag a bit of a wave with the announcement of the new venture, and chose to highlight the Australian-owned aspect of the new business, and how they would now be doing battle with the foreign-owned gambling entities that already exist in the market place.

Of particular note though is Mr Packer’s new partner, Matthew Trip.

Mr Tripp is a well-known and respected figure in the online Australian gambling community.

His CV includes his time at prominent Australian bookmaker Sportsbet, which he drove to success before selling it to the foreign-owned Paddy Power; and his recent efforts to lift the struggling BetEasy off the floor to a customer base of 110,000 people, along with striking a deal with a major Australian sporting code, the Australian Football League, to make BetEasy their preferred betting partner.

Has James Finally Done It?

Time will tell whether this new venture will fulfil Mr Packer’s ambitions to be top dog in Australia online gambling.

One thing is for sure, with the well regarded Mr Tripp on-board and the Packer family’s infamous stubborn tenacity, this new venture is highly unlikely to lose any money.