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  • Biggest Slots Win To Date Found At Empire City Casino

Biggest Slots Win To Date Found At Empire City Casino

instant-winMany people play slots because they enjoy the chance at big wins with small bets. One long Island man showed the world just how true this could be when he broke the slots record with a jackpot totaling $1,473,503. The shocking part is that he had only placed a bet of $20. This happened on October 25 at 11 AM, on a Wheel of Fortune Triple Stars slot machine near the Westchester County casino entrance.

The winner, Suffolk County resident Howard G, said that it only took him a few spins to win the jackpot. Howard believes that consistency was the key factor in his jackpot win.

During an interview later, Howard stated that “I told everyone I knew I was going to hit that jackpot; my co-workers, family, and friends. I was determined. It was part of my routine. I play my slots, then hit the blackjack tables, and always try for the (Wheel of Fortune) jackpot before I leave. This time, I started at the jackpot. And it worked!”

“I play at casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, and Biloxi, but I truly feel most comfortable at Empire City,” Howard went on to say. “Not only do I love the gaming variety, but the staff is accommodating and friendly – they were so happy when I won!”

When questioned about what his plans are to do with the winnings, Howard replied, “My wife wants a new roof on the house, so I guess we can get that now.” He also mentioned that when “Someone asked me if I woke up that morning thinking I was going to win. I told him I wake up every morning thinking I am going to win!”

After Howard’s big win at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, many others wanted to try their luck as well. Unlike many slot machines, which are linked across various casinos, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine only shares a jackpot with one other machine, which is also at the Empire Casino. The machines accept $10-$20 bets with many different options for jackpot wins.

According to Empire City, there are also nine six-figure jackpots, ranging from $133,000-$424,375 on slot machines of all types in the casino. With betting options starting at just a penny, and hundreds of jackpots worth tens of thousands of dollars, slots are a great way to get a shot at a big payoff without spending very much money. According to the New York State lottery, Empire City visitors took home a share of $658 million over the past few months.