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  • First Details Of Brisbane’s New Casino Resort Released

First Details Of Brisbane’s New Casino Resort Released

The city of Brisbane is inching closer to a new casino which will change the land and sky scape of the river city forever.

The current Treasury Casino which is housed in the historic Government Treasury offices is set to be closed and reopened as a shopping destination, and two big name casino operators have lined up with proposals for a new casino resort precinct, which is to be housed at Queen’s Wharf, which is located right in the city centre.

The Queensland government has released the designs by the two operators – James Packer’s Crown Resorts and Echo Entertainment – which the government has recognised need to feature a resort component in line with local and international visitor’s expectations.

Crown Resorts Offering

The Crown Resorts proposal includes a 6 star hotel, two 5 star hotels, restaurants, public spaces and a bridge to the popular leisure destination South Bank, which is located across the Brisbane River in South Brisbane, where the new casino will be located along with a cinema, theatre and other amenities.

Echo Entertainment’s Offering

Echo Entertainment’s submission includes plans for five hotels, which will include three 6 star buildings including accommodation provided by the Ritz-Carlton and Rosewood, a sky deck, an arena located on the river as well as an outdoor cinema, a shopping mall, restaurants and large public spaces.

The Proposals And The Queensland Government

This first glimpse of both proposals have given the Queensland public an idea what to expect and public and political debate can now be undertaken regarding the pros and cons of both designs.

The two operators are unable to disclose any more details of their projects at this stage, including the size of their respective casinos, the number of games playable onsite, as well as the finer details of residential and visitor accommodation.

The Queensland government has identified the need of a casino resort facility in line with local and international visitor expectations.

Where once Queensland tourism promoted the natural aspects of the State’s local environment, the government felt there was a shortfall for this type of attraction. One thing is for sure, the new casino and resort will no doubt change certain aspects for the Queensland capital forever.