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  • Games Developer Vermantia Begins Online Partnership With Odobo

Games Developer Vermantia Begins Online Partnership With Odobo

Greek games developer Vermantia has announced the first title in their new collaboration with online platform provider Odobo who are based out of Gibraltar.

Candylicious is a new game which has been built utilising HTML5 technology. The game is laid out in a distinctive L shape and takes place across multiple levels in the instant win format.

The object of the game is for the player to climb a magic mountain by revealing sweet treats through gameplay across six rows which are located on multiple levels.

Candylicious Gameplay

To begin with the player must select 1 of 12 candies at the start of each level to try to match up with the hidden sweet treats. Once success is had with this task, the player is presented with the choice of either taking their winnings or to continue on throughout the game.

As the player progresses through the game the difficulty is raised, though the reward for this is that the prizes on offer to the player increase exponentially.

The game also features bonus game elements throughout, and if they are unable to progress to the next level during the game, the player is offered a free spin on an extra attached slots game.

If they are able to strike 3 matching symbols on the slot, they are automatically returned to the place in the game where they left off, and their winnings are restored.

There are also Wilds and Bonus mini-games located within the game.

A Promising Partnership

Vermantia is known for developing games that feature unusual gameplay, and Candylicious certainly lives up to that reputation.

With Odoba offering access to both desktop and mobile platforms, the new partnership appears to be a good match for the two providers as they strive to make inroads into the online gaming market.