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  • Gaming Operator 888 Records 3rd Quarter Profits And Enlists Social Media Monitor

Gaming Operator 888 Records 3rd Quarter Profits And Enlists Social Media Monitor

Online gaming operator 888 has recently ­­­announced that they have recorded record revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2014, largely due to the performance of their burgeoning online casino business interests.

Overall 888 posted a 22% increase from 2013 3rd quarter figures of 94 million dollars, with a 2014 3rd quarter revenue figure of 114 million dollars.

The Breakdown

The operator’s business to consumer revenue grew 19% on last year’s 3rd quarter figures, with an amount of 98 million recorded, with their online casino proving to be by far away the best performed division with 56 million dollars generated in revenue; an improvement of 23% on 2013 3rd quarter numbers.

In other areas of 888’s business, a 3% rise on 2013 figures for their business to consumer poker division was recorded, with a revenue of 23 million dollars announced; while 3rd quarter business to consumer bingo figures were recorded at 11 million dollars; an increase of 9% on past figures.

Other numbers of interest included a 41% revenue increase over the last year for 888’s business to business division, and an advisory on registered customer numbers; now sitting at 1.7 million which is an increase of 16% on last year’s 3rd quarter figures.

The result would have to be seen as pleasing for the folks at 888, and with this year’s October figures already in and showing a 6% revenue increase for that month on last year’s October numbers, things seem to be on the up and up for 888.

Social Media Monitoring

Not one to rest on their laurels, 888 has entered into a deal with iGaming Business to utilise their Social Monitor product, which will allow them to not only monitor the all-important social media presence of their branding, but also of that of their competitors.

Social Monitor is a venture which has been developed between iGaming and SCRM Cloud.

It can be customised to suit the users need, has 27 language functionality, and is primarily used to monitor content across social media platforms such as blogs, online forums and news and media websites.

The software also contains a number of analytical tools, and social media engagement enhancement and new opportunity making are amongst its promoted benefits.

Looking Forward

888 seem to be on a roll with their latest revenue growth figures, and this growth is expected to continue through the 4th quarter of 2014, and into the beginning of 2015.

Additionally their interest in social media demonstrates that they are aware of modern trends and engaged user behaviour.