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  • Greentube Launches New Development Studio Stakelogic

Greentube Launches New Development Studio Stakelogic

Austrian gaming entity NOVOMATIC’s igaming subsidiary, Greentube, has announced the establishment of a new company, Stakelogic, which will be focused solely on the development of high quality 3D HTML5 casino games for the online market.

The new development company will be headed up by Chief Executive Officer Paul Strikers, who previously held the CEO position at NOVOMATIC’s subsidiary Novo Gaming Netherlands, and the position of Chief Financial Officer has been handed to Tom Lueb.


Stakelogic will be officially launched at the ICE Totally Gaming conference which is taking place in London this week, and they have already prepared new content specifically for the conference which delegates can inspect and make enquiries upon.

The new company will be focusing at the high end of the online gaming market, with its content specifically developed with 3D and HTML5 technologies in mind.

Part of its game development processes will include the use of the patented technology Slots 360°, which allows games to be viewed in a full 360° perspective, with real time background tracking, which is a large departure from the standard static view perspective that is present in both regular and 3D online slots games.

Greentube And Stakelogic To Change The Gaming World

Greentube Chief Executive Officer Thomas Graf believes that the establishment of Stakelogic will be a “game changer” in the online gaming world, and in particular the interactive and visual technologies that the new development company plans to use in the development of their new content.

Stakelogic Project Manager Marco Tramontina was even more bullish of his assessment of the establishment of Stakelogic, stating that he believes Greentube “will conquer the world of online gaming”.

He also believes that this will be possible due to the technologies that Stakelogic are planning to employ in their content development, along with new themes, features and levels of interactivity that haven’t been witnessed before by operators and players of online games.

Some might big words then from both Greentube and the new kid on the block Stakelogic.

Online casino games, their appearance, gameplay and interactive elements came a long way in 2014, and the more developers that are pushing the boundaries in the name of gamer and operator satisfaction, the better we say.