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  • IGT’s MegaHits Megablast Slot Gives Up A Jackpot Win

IGT’s MegaHits Megablast Slot Gives Up A Jackpot Win

More happy Jackpot win news has come through with details that one lucky gamer has managed to prise $607,739 out of the Megablast machine that is part of IGT’s MegaHits series.

The unnamed lady player is a resident of Wicomico County in Maryland in the United States of America, and at this moment is said to be “letting the win sink in”; a perfectly acceptable state of being I think we would all agree.

With the win coming a week ago, we would like to congratulate the lucky lady and hope that she can put the money to good use.

Not to take things lying down, the main MegaHits Jackpot is already fighting back and at time of writing was closing in on $160,000.

IGT’s MegaHits

IGT’s MegaHits is the name for a series of interlinked slots that offer progressive Jackpots as part of their available prizes.

Each machine in the series has unique features and an identity of its own, and in total there are 13 progressive Jackpots which can be won while playing one of these games.

MegaHits is linked through a number of states in the United States including Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

In September 2014 IGT released the MegaHits series in the state of Maryland in the USA, and the win reported here today is the first time that one of the games featured in the series has given up a major Jackpot in this state, and as such the Jackpot win amount has now reset to $100,000.

MegaHits Megablast Slot

The MegaHits Megablast machine has a unique layout, and in particular in the reel section of the game.

Rather than your standard one set of reels to play on, there are actually two sets of three reels which sit side by side one another.

The games minimum bet is $0.01 and a maximum bet of $3 must be wagered by the player if they hope to win the games associated main Jackpot.

Additional features occurring in the game include a Bonus Reel set in between the games standard two reels; Multipliers; Nudge’s and Progressive Bonuses.

Hopefully this is only the first of many MegaHits Jackpots to be won in the state of Maryland, and we certainly wish all gamers around the world playing within the MegaHits series the best of luck.