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  • Legendary Basketball Player Helps Birth Two New Gaming Titles

Legendary Basketball Player Helps Birth Two New Gaming Titles

Ex-professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has swapped the court for the casino by joining up with the MGM Resorts backed PLAYSTUDIOS to develop and release two new gaming titles that will be released through the myVEGAS online casino app.

Mr O’Neal is well known to most sports fans through his championship winning efforts with National Basketball Association teams the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat, as well as being a member of the American Dream Team and winning two gold medals at the Olympics.

The two new gaming titles, Caddy Shaq and ShaqJack, feature traditional gaming elements as well as representations from O’Neal’s two greatest sporting loves, basketball and golf, and the ex-sportsman is said to of had an active role in developing the games by not only participating in development discussions, but also by utilising audio recordings and motion-capture technology to add to the games feelings of authenticness.

The Two New Shaquille O’Neal Gaming Titles

The two new Shaquille O’Neal gaming titles, Caddy Shaq and ShaqJack, have just been released through PLAYSTUDIOS’s myVEGAS online casino app, and are now available and accessible to players through Amazon, Android, Facebook and iOS delivery platforms.

The Caddy Shaq title is a conventional slots game with a twist, where players can enter a Bonus Game which will see them embracing the sport of golf by hitting some golf balls, while a feature highlight of the Caddy Shaq title can see players attain a Stack Shaq Wild Symbols, which will reward gamers with Free Spins until they land a Winner on the reels.

The ShaqJack title also makes an attempt to subvert the norm, with an interpretation of the casino game blackjack, with the gaming action taking part on a variety of different basketball themed layouts.

Comment From Shaquille O’Neal

Players of either of the two new Shaquille O’Neal titles will have a chance to meet the basketball legend simply by playing either game through the myVEGAS app.

Upon release of the two new games Mr O’Neal claimed to be a fan of products from the myVEGAS app catalogue, and expressed his confidence that the players of his two new titles will enjoy themselves and find elements within the games that will ensure that they return to play them again.


Andrew Pascal, who operates in the role of Chief Executive at PLAYSTUDIOS, has expressed his company’s excitement at being able to partner with the legendary basketball player, and he believes that players of either of the new two games will be satisfied with the outcome of what the partnership between Mr O’Neil and PLAYSTUDIOS has been able to achieve.

Additionally, Mr Pascal believes that the interest and participation that Shaquille O’Neal has provided to the development of the two new titles will ensure that the games will stand out from the average online casino gaming experiences.